What can I do, if my tablet iis typing very slow, because of malware?

By Anna-N ·
Malware after installing "Rocket Cleaner"-App!

I have a problem with my mobile tablet android, because it's typing very very slow, after I have clicked on an Ad-Banner which appeared on Google Chrome. It was more an accident that I have clicked on that banner. So then 'Rocket Cleaner' was installed, I did run it only once and then deinstalled it afterwards. Because I have read in the internet, that this App is not safe.

Since that time I have a problem with typing and some programs don't work proper anymore. I have scanned my device with Bitdefender free App and also with AVG Antivirus free version, but both couldn't find any malware or virus. Later I did install other Antivirus free versions, but none of them could detect any problem!

Sometimes, I can type normal on my tablet and that's strange. But in general, if I want to write an Email, or continue to study with my online course or writing on Word my letters, it slows down very much and it also makes typing-mistakes.

I would be happy, if you could tell me, how this problem can be solved. Because it costs me many hours, to do my typing work on my tablet and sometimes it's so extremely slow, that I have to interrupt my work. Hope very much for your help!
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Just curious

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to What can I do, if my tabl ...

Is your hard disk running constantly or the CPU light blinking frequently when you are not utilizing them ?

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What can I do, if my tabl....

by Anna-N In reply to Just curious

No, my tablet is not running constantly and the light is not blinking frequently. I shut down my mobile tablet on the evening. The last days, I could write in normal speed on my mobile tablet, the most time. Today, I have written to a friend an email and then, a few minutes later, the typing was getting slower again.

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Re: malware

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to What can I do, if my tabl ...

Most malware disappears if you go back to factory conditions. But some even corrupt that. Worth a try anyway.

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What can I do, if my tabl....

by Anna-N In reply to Re: malware

In the worst case, I probably have to do this.

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by Naheed Mir In reply to What can I do, if my tabl ...

I will suggest the same. Do a backup of your data and then go
for factory reset. It will refresh your Tablet. I think the factory
reset might be the option as your Tablet files seem corrupted.

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