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    What can I do to increase page loading speed on mobile devices?

    by royjustin68 ·


    Hi there, I need some advice. I have been working on this website (link removed by moderator) for the last 2-3 days. I just did a speed test, the loading speed is very low on mobile devices. So I have decided to do AMP to make the pages load quickly. Does it solve the problem?
    Is there anything else I can do to improve the page speed on mobile? It would be great if you can help me with some valuable suggestions. Thank you.

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      increase page loading speed

      by naman123 ·

      In reply to What can I do to increase page loading speed on mobile devices?

      Here are some steps you can follow to increase your page loading speed on mobile:-
      1. First of all measure your server speed time.
      2. Minimize the JS and CSS files.
      3. Use CSS3 instead of images.
      4. Instead of JPEGs use SVGs.

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      Website speed

      by gflow ·

      In reply to What can I do to increase page loading speed on mobile devices?

      I would suggest you use wp rocket. It is a paid plugin. If you want some alternatives:
      1. Use a minimal theme with fewer animations.
      2. Theme should be mobile compatible
      3. Use hummingbird, autoptimize, fast velocity minify and tiny png(for image compressing).
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      Important factors for loading speed on mobile

      by nshep ·

      In reply to What can I do to increase page loading speed on mobile devices?

      If you want to improve your mobile loading speed, I would suggest looking into the following:

      1. Run your site through a speed testing tool like GTmetrix, Pingdom, or Google PageSpeed Insights. Follow the advice you get from there. In particular:
      2. Check if your host answers quickly, if not, change hosts or ask how they can increase your loading speed. On shared hosts, sometimes they can move you to a less busy server.
      3. Make sure you are using the latest version of your server technology. Especially PHP has seen some big speed improvements with updates, so be sure you are at least on version 7.0
      4. Enable compression to shrink the size of the files users need to download
      5. Decrease the number of HTTP requests to a minimum. The speed testing tools mentioned above will help you pinpoint bottlenecks. In particular, you might:
      – Lower the number of posts shown on a page
      – Only show post excerpts, no full posts on your archive pages
      – Split longer posts into pages
      – Reduce the number of images and other elements on your page
      – Enable lazy loading to delay loading images until they are actually visible on the page
      – Reduce external resources such as fonts if they aren’t necessary
      6. Optimize your images so that they are only as large in size as they need to be
      7. Enable page caching
      8. Consider using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
      9. Minify your files. Again, to make them load faster.
      10. Use HTTPS

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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      What you can do to increase page loading speed on mobile devices

      by jasica james ·

      In reply to What can I do to increase page loading speed on mobile devices?

      First of all, check your mobile website loading speed via PageSpeed Insights, it will end up with a report that how many warnings, errors your website is having to increase the speed.

      Things to do to increase the speed such as:-

      1.) Deleting the unnecessary commented code and unwanted images in the live server and reduce the size of the live folder.

      2.) Improving server response time by buying the server option where the server automatically expands its bandwidth with respect to the number of users.

      3.) Reduce the image resolution and size – this is very common error to resolve it. Images size matters and it consume time to load on the website or mobile phones. So, there is need to reduce the size of the large images.

      4.) Less use of third-party plugins. Avoid to install so many plugins, it reduce the speed of your website and makes the user irritates.

      5.) Too many ads: More than just bothering your visitors, lots of ads have the drawback to slow down your page speed.

      Hope it helps! Thanks!

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