What can I do to resolve my IP Trouble?

By sherlene ·
My issue is IP related.

I just built this machine. It has an ECS Elitegroup K8M890 motherboard, AMD 64 X2 Processor, 512 RAM, XP Pro with SP2.

I think it's some security setting in Win XP. The Road Runner tech just left. He could do nothing! My laptop connects just fine, so it's not the cable modem. My machine will not renew or even assign an IP address. The generic IP of 169., so on, is the only IP that shows up. No firewall, have released and renewed IP, reset winsock, reset IP stack, everything
that I know to do...nothing doing! The tech said he's seen several new PCS do the same thing lately, although their equipment is working fine. I just know it's an XP Pro setting. What else could it be? The
on board ethernet card is working fine. Anybody out there found the same or similar?

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If you can't connect....

by Mr.Wiz In reply to What can I do to resolve ...

How do you know that the on-board nic is fine? I've seen many machines with nic's that looked good but wouldn't connect and displayed the symptoms that you describe.

Do you have another nic you can try? Try disabling the on-board nic and installing a separate nic card. It shold work then.

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is dhcp on? try specifying a static

by CMCknz77 In reply to If you can't connect....

I've seen similar symptoms before under the following conditions...

1. DHCP Server on cable modem was set to only provide address for certain machines dependent on the MAC Address (hadn't been configured for the new machine).

2. DHCP Server not switched on & PC configured to automatically get an IP address.

3. Owner was using a crossover cable instead of a straight-through ethernet cable.

4. Problems with the network card drivers or device. Try disabling, then re-enabling the card in Device manager. Check/reinstall device drivers.

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ip problem ???

by jordanspcrepair In reply to What can I do to resolve ...

umm if you have your computers connected to hub and your cable modem hooked to your hub, then this is where you are having a problem. first off you need to have drivers for your usb connection on your cable modem, connect your cable modem with a usb cable to one of your computers, connect both computers using your ethernet cards to the hub and avoid using the uplink port. install your cable modem on your usb port. connect to the internet and browse a few sites to make sure your internet connection works. and run the network setup wizard on this computer. make sure you select the "this computer connects to the internet directly and other computer connect through this computer" option. enter in the rest of your info, such as workgroup and stuff like that. you can enable file sharing if you want to. make sure you use the same workgroup name on both computers. let the wizard finish configuring your computer, and restart it. make sure on your ethernet cards you have it set to automatically obtain an ip addresses. go to the other computer, and run the network setup wizard just as you did, but instead select the option "this computer connect to the internet through a another computer on the network". and enter in the other info like you did before. and restart the computer. if you can't connect to the internet, go to the connection wizard in internet explorer and select the option to connect through a LAN. and both of your computers should work fine. if your computer with the cable modem hooked to it doesn't let you connect to the internet, turn off the modem and turn it back on.

i hope this helps u.

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I like Mr Wiz'a suggestion

by CG IT In reply to ip problem ???

the IPIPA could mean a bad cable. A NIC will assign itself the address when no DHCP server can be contracted.

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