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    What can IT learn from the US Open & Wimbledon Ball boys & girls?


    by ambareesh ·

    Have you ever noticed the US Open or Wimbledon ball boys or girls during a tennis match? No?

    That is because one isn’t meant to. These boys & girls work, train and practice extremely hard to stay unnoticed. If one doesn’t notice these boys & girls, then they have done a fantastic job. These boys & girls have one aim, which is to keep the game going. Their efforts let the players do what they do best (play tennis and win) without getting distracted or expending unnecessary calories. Their dedication, focus, well-coordinated efforts and their ability to think like a team has always fascinated me. Watching them and yet not seeing them, always made me wonder what skills can IT learn and acquire from these nimble, quick thinking, goal oriented and efficient youngsters?

    While most IT organizations believe that they exist to support the business objectives of enterprises, at times we can’t get out of our own way. Today, IT Systems and architectures continue to be complex and difficult to maintain. Lack of nimbleness (that the ball boys & girls have) continues to prevent IT from being an enabler and accelerator of business growth.

    Here are some tips and tricks I have been able to pick up from the many hours spent being a couch potato:
    – IT exists to serve one purpose only and that is to help business execute their objectives.
    – When it comes to IT systems, less is more. IT needs to maximize usage of current resources and know how to leverage all available resources.
    – Make adjustments, improvise and optimize to give business the competitive edge they need.
    – Conserve & stop wasting energy. Leverage your team. Know that IT is only as strong as the weakest resource (person or system) in their organization.
    – Plan ahead. IT organizations that fail to plan 2-3 years ahead are planning to fail.

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