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What can you do with a webcam besides video conferencing?

By CharlieSpencer ·
Please excuse the raging ignorance of my questions, but I'm quite serious. I didn't post this in 'Q&A' because I'm not looking for a technical solution as much as enlightenment.

A senior manager ordered a new video camera (MS LifeCam Studio) ( http://www. microsoft. com/hardware/en-us/p/lifecam-studio ) to use with the company's IM / video conferencing program (MS Office Communicator 7). The USB device installed successfully and Communicator is using it without any additional drivers. He then asked, "Say, what else can I do with this camera?"

The question caught me flatfooted. It never occurred to me to try to do anything else with one. I have one at work but use it strictly for video conferences. Outside of that, I have no other experience with any variety of video camera.

Can you do anything else with one, preferably something that's useful in the workplace? He has a W7 laptop, if that makes any difference.

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