What cause's a server to speed up and slows down?

By wfelderjr252 ·
I have a Dell 2950 Running windows server 2003. Ever so often it will speed up and slow down this is now more noticeable. I have ran many checks on it and all non conclusive. The event viewer shows nothing out of the ordinary but yet still this eratic behavior has me wondering if a failure is looming. the server is only use for as a print manager nothing else.On the network I have a DC and a Circulation on another server a total of 3 server any ideas or tips to point me in the right direction maybe I am overlooking something.I welcome any who run into this problem before. Thanks

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Request for Clarification

by cmiller5400 In reply to Clarifications

What do you mean by "speed"? Fan speed or processing speed?

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Where is it located?

by Andrew Marr In reply to What cause's a server to ...

That's quite a machine for simple print management.

Where is it stored? I'm reading your post that you notice this as a noise - I might also read that it is situated somewhere more accessible than we might expect for a rack mountable unit. I often see small business storing such a machine on a shelf in a cupboard that they also use to store stationary.

Check the environment - temperature? Is there a pattern in its occurence?

To help further, we really do need more information as to what you are experiencing and the environment in which it is based.

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What Is Changing

by dogknees In reply to What cause's a server to ...

When you say it speeds up and slows down, are you talking about the response times for a print job or something else?

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by dcolbert Contributor In reply to What cause's a server to ...

It is difficult to tell if you are talking about some physical indication that it is speeding up and slowing down, or that you're seeing the CPU pegging in the Task Manager.

Beyond temperature and environment - if you're having periods where there is a lot of NOISE from the server, followed by the noise subsiding for a bit, then another burst of noise - I'd check to see if you've got a RAID that is rebuilding. Dell servers and PowerVault DAS enclosures make a TON of noise when they're spinning up all of their drives at once. If you've got a Raid 5 that is rebuilding, you're going to not only hear a lot of noise, but your system response will be dog slow. With a Dell PERC, I wouldn't be surprised if you're losing your Raid config and rebuilding frequently. It may not be a bad disk, it could be a bad battery module on the PERC, or possibly just the fact that your server is a Dell.

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