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    what causes a webpage and cursor to freeze


    by ccrious ·

    I am not computer savvy unfortunately, so I really need some opinion about this problem. I have an Acer Aspire 5100 Laptop, Vista Home Premium, AMD Turion-32 bit and a desktop running XP. I use IE and Firefox browsers on both computers. For years I’ve been visiting a particular chat room site ( on either computers without any problem until recently on my laptop when I received a warning from Firefox stating ” Firefox has determined that the following add-ons are known to cause stability or security problems”. So I disabled it and re-installed Java and that’s when the problem began, every time I try to visit the same website in either browsers the page loads up and freezes as well as the cursor, and the only way to get out is through the task manager. I tried everything so far that I assumed could contribute to the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the browsers, updating vista, scanning for malware, spyware, virus, I even did a registry clean (ccleaner)etc., but still have the same problem with the page and cursor freezing after the page loads. I uninstalled all java files and folders and did a clean install with the latest version but I still get the same result. Again I uninstalled Firefox and now only using IE until I resolve this issue. By the way, everything works fine in XP so I’m very curious about what’s causing this in Vista, Does anyone have an idea???? May did I delete a system file? I have no way of knowing. Please help if you can……..thanks

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      by ccrious ·

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      Java and browsers

      by fregeus ·

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      Java is a finicky software unfortunately and an upgrade to the latest and greatest can cause your website to fail

      See which version of JAVA your site recommends. Uninstall all other version, reboot, then re-install the version they recommend.

      If that doesn’t work, ask site for additional information.


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      Enable Javascript

      by s_cote ·

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      Since reinstalling, have you made sure that Javascript is enabled?

      In firefox, check Tools> Options> Content tab and make sure Enable Javascript is checked.

      In IE I think it’s Tools> Options> Advanced Tab, just look for the Java (Sun) icon and make sure it is checked.

      If that doesnt work, I recommend what the original response was, try and find the older java version that was previously working with the site.

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        Java and javascript are two entirely different things

        by seanferd ·

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        not related at all.

        And you won’t find a Sun Java icon if you are still using MS java. Which doesn’t matter if the problem is with javascript.

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          My apologies, you’re absolutely right…

          by s_cote ·

          In reply to Java and javascript are two entirely different things

          Java and Javascript are entirely different. I was thinking of a previous similar issue where Javascript was having issues with an interface on a web page causing it to freeze up.

          seanferd is right though, they are completely different so disregard my previous post.

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          I had this problem

          by blaznt2 ·

          In reply to My apologies, you’re absolutely right…

          I found a fix for this for Firefox. I dont use IE at all. Uninstall Firefox then rename or delete its File folder, reboot then reinstall. It is amazing that an uninstall does not do this for you!!!

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