what causes my laptop to freeze?

By shozhh ·
Hi guys. i have a acer TravelMate 4070 laptop which is constantly freezing. It freezes any time, during operating system instalation or any time after that (if i do manage to install the operating system). can anyone help me please because i have a project that i have to finish soon. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds hardware related

by TobiF In reply to what causes my laptop to ...

Are the memory modules well seated?
Does the laptop become very warm?
Fans spinning as they should?
Have you tried to test your ram a bit more thoroughly? Maybe by enabling the BIOS power on RAM test?

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I agree

by SKDTech In reply to Sounds hardware related

Most likely hardware related, either overheating bad RAM likely culprits. If no obvious overheating issues then get a Linux Live CD or USB and run Memtest86+ to check the RAM.

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Definatly hardware related

by brian In reply to what causes my laptop to ...

if it is freezing during os installation or randomly, first check the ram and processor as stated above, however, you may want to check the hard drive. I had a VIAO that did the same thing to me and all signs pointed to RAM, but turned out to be HDD.

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Yup....if it has a cooling fan, make sure it's working

by robo_dev In reply to Definatly hardware relate ...

If the cooling fan is blocked with dust, the laptop will overheat and shutdown quickly.

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Grab yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD which is free here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to what causes my laptop to ...

After you have downloaded the ISO burn it to a Blank CD and boot your Acer from it and test the Hardware. Pay particular Attention tot he RAM, CPU and HDD.

Then alter as required.


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Sir Colin

by NexS In reply to Grab yourself a copy of t ...

Do they pay for for advertising?
If not, I do hope that you're pursuing it.

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I'm sorry

by NexS In reply to what causes my laptop to ...

When I first read the title, I misread it.

"what causes my beer to freeze?"

I thought - Freezer.

Unhelpful, I know. But amusing.

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Dusty fan!!

by shozhh In reply to what causes my laptop to ...

I opened the laptop and discovered that the fan was very dusty. I cleaned it up and since then its no longer freezing (its a bit slow at times though). Thanks guys for you help!!!

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Funny: It was freezing due to overheating! :) {no text}

by TobiF In reply to Dusty fan!!
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Did you check the Heat Sink on the CPU when you had the case open?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dusty fan!!

If not that will also need cleaning. If the fan was dusty the Heat Sink is going to be considerably worse and it's just a matter of time till it starts falling over again.


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