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What causes my pc to suddenly reboot?

By antdelarosa ·
I just recently put together a computer from some spare parts that I have had lying around. All the pieces should be in good condition because they have been taken care of. After installing a 700 Mhz celeron, 256 mb ram, a network card, a sound card, an evil kyro 64 mb vid card and a 15 Gb hd. My power supply is recently purchased and if my memory serves me well almost everything is setup correctly, the bios detects my hd and cd rom as slaves on each channel. I was able to load win 2k and have been able to install some programs but for apparently no reason at all the computer will reboot as if i just hit the reset button. If anyone has any suggestions out there please let me know.

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by shaggydan In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

I would be looking at a heat issue. But as you have not stated how long the computer is on for before it reboots, it is hard to trouble shoot.
However one thing to look at is the heatsink paste between the cpu and the heatsink. Was this cleaned recently and re-applied.Doing so will cause a reduction in temps.Also you could install some free motherboard reporting tools to monitor temps
Please feel free to post more info on how long it takes to reboot, or if it happens after a minute etc. I will help if i can.
Change the jumpers on the hard drive to make it Master.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

I'm taking it that since you where able to load windows and some programs that this isn't something that is happening quickly right?

My first consideration would be a Heat Issue so are the Fans on the CPU Heat Sink & Power Supply running? Are there over temp/voltage items set in BIOS that turn off the system.

I would start by changing the HDD to the Master on the primary IDE Channel and then start to give some more information as to how quickly this is occurring and what if anything is running.

If the system shuts down when you are performing a install of software that requires a lot of number crunching you defiantly have a heat issue but without knowing more it's hard to say what is exactly happening. If the M'Board has a program that measures the Temp and voltage to the different parts start this running so you can see what if anything is happening. If you can place a load on the CPU and see the system shut down after a reasonably short time you can start looking at the Heat Sink on the CPU and how it's making contact with the CPU and if the Heat Sink Paste is intact.

But other wise without more information that you can add by clicking on the Add Comment Button there isn't much more that I can tell you to look for.


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by LiamE In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

Eliminate heat as a cause first as it could cause lasting damage.

Its more likely to be power supply or unstable driver issues in my experience though. Is the PSU up to the job? Try a different one, if possible a high quality one with more oomph. Many BIOS's will let you look at actual voltages in real time - are they where they should be? Is your mains supply clean and reliable? Try a UPS if you have any suspicions as regards that.

Driver issues are a bit more hit and mis though graphics card drivers are the most likely to have problems. If its not heat or power try a few older versions of your graphics driver to see if any are more stable.

If all that fails try bumping up the voltage on the memory a notch or 2. Check this doesnt cause heat issues though.

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by wcp In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

You might have a Windows system failure.

Clear the check box ?Automatically Restart? from System Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings > System failure

This will freeze the Windows with a BSOD instead of restart when there is a system failure.

Please report any keyword in the BSOD that would help us to resolve your problem.
Also go into Event viewer (Application and System) and provide us if there?s any Error (in red X).

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by superacces In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

Download Everest tool. Run the required tests and you will be able to find the problem.
The link for this awesome software is


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by jdclyde In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

Look in your BIOS for CPU protection.

there is usually a setting that will tell the system to shut off at a certain temp, and you can select from a list how hot you want the system to be able to get before it shutsdown.

Are you overclocking?

Try blowing the system out, as dust will cause it to overheat.

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by Quaint_Data In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...
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by firstweb0 In reply to What causes my pc to sudd ...

hey dude.. this is the answer of your problem.. your computer's problem is like this..
try to do this steps.. go to start menu, then go to control panel den click SYSTEM den double click it.. in the system..there is advanced tab click it then go to startup and recovery settings den click it.. in the setting ucheck automatically restart... in that case your computer running normally but if still rebooting try change your video card because your video card cannot run normally.. another thing.. your video card is not work properly like running a lot of programs out there and specially your video card is not properly working because of your video card s screen resulotion didn't meet the proper resulotion.. in that case your computer reboots again in again.. try to do this thing dude if still rebooting try to reset your BIOS to make it normally running.. or email me for more details..

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by heyow22 In reply to

i have the same problem though i cant say its actually the temp though ive been trying to monitor the temp of my CPU but whenever im playing online games it really gets a high temp and then its the same problem will suddenly reboot by itself and then not just once but a couple of times just before rebooting.... i had intel P4 also with 2.6Ghz and im using windows XP as my OS... i dont really know what to do regarding it because while im actually searching on the internet it will just suddenly reboot with warning message... hope to hear soon from pro people reagrding PC'c concern...

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