what causes Primary Disk Failure?

By Caprazi ·
hi All,

I got a Dell latitude C640 and as the machine was booting, I heard two beeps followed by a Black Screen, and this message: "Primary Hard Disk Drive (0) Failure," "Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup. Please help

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Re: primary hdd failure

by prrethish In reply to what causes Primary Disk ...

Hai dear friend try this

First remove ur ide cable which is used to connect hdd to mother board and fix it again

If it not work check jumber check whether it connected as primary

Change the ide cable

remove the hdd power cable & fix it again

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latitude C640 is a notebook, no cable manipulation required

by Rendol In reply to Re: primary hdd failure

so there are two reason:
1. HDD itself or connection slot failure.
2. HDD conroller failure.
Both are caused by overheating or mechanical intrusion (bupming or dusting).
you can unscrew HDD fixing screws (refer to user's manual), pull out and pull in HDD, return fixing screws to it place then try to start up your laptop again. If not, visit service to check your laptout out.

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Do not do anything to it...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to what causes Primary Disk ...

If possible pull it out and leave it to cool down, about a day should do it. get hold of another hdd and connect it up and install your Windows system software plus ALL of your updates, then re-connect your old drive and pull off ALL of the data from the old drive to your new drive. There is nothing you can do about this when the hdd's go down. Just cross your fingers and hope you get your data back.
Always have a back up system or spare hdd to store your data on.

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If it is still under warranty

by seanferd In reply to what causes Primary Disk ...

or possibly a recall notice, contact Dell.

Otherwise, take Peconet's advice. Failure means it is dead or at death's door. Do not try to use this laptop or the drive until you are set up for possible data recovery with a brand new drive.

If it is the drive controller which is dead, you will receive the same failure message upon using the new drive. In this case, you need to replace or repair the laptop.

Get a cooling pad for any laptop you use, such as the one's made by Antec. This will eliminate component failure due to overheating. Recommended by TR's very own OH Smeg.

(Of course, the drive or controller may fail due to bad components - I've had to send back brand new laptops for a number of people for just this issue. I've never had to return them for any other issues, excepting damage done by the owners, like dropping beds on open laptops.)

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