What causes ROM drive to Crash Window's Explorer

By inmoncolley ·
1. Initial Windows startup - activate CD (any media) in ROM drive - all seems well.
2. Close the program using the CD; open ROM drive and restart drive (any CD media):
a. "What should Windows do with this media" dialog opens with missing Icons, background and characters.
b. Click desktop program Icon and received notices like "This is not a valid System 32 program" for a program that was just working correctly; "Do you want to install 'program' from the web site" for a program working properly before.
c. If a program does open, text lines and Icons are missing.
d. Open Windows Desktop Explorer and have Icons and text missing from 'tree' or even have it indicate "Windows Explore exe is not a valid windows program or can't find it.
3. Have uninstalled and reinstalled ROM drive drivers; installed a new drive; Uninstalled a couple of Roxio programs which were old installs; Uninstalled Mozilla Seamonkey suite 2.0.1 initially installed mid Nov 09 replacing Suite 1.1.18; Uninstalled Ad-Ware Pro and RegCure pro, both recent upgrade installs; Uninstalled and reinstalled Itunes 9 as an update from ver 7; tried System Restore which only went back to mid Dec 09. So far, nothing has corrected the problem.
4. After a reboot, I can use all my programs as long as I don't activate a ROM drive.
5. Whether it has any affect or not, the dwwin.exe dll not loading error has appeared since one of MS's updates a few months ago. Can't find a 'fix' for that either.
6. I probably have the wrong phrasing because Windows Knowledge Base and WWW searches are worthless.

Has anyone has this problem and what was the fix short of re-installing everything?
Thank you.

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have you...

by NexS In reply to What causes ROM drive to ...

I'm assuming you mean that accessing anything on your optical drive (cd/dvd drive) causes these problems.
There's a few things that i'd try...

1: Check and update your drivers (control panel > administrative tools > computer management).

2: run a windows repair using your windows CD

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ROM Drive/Windows Repair

by inmoncolley In reply to have you...

Your assumption is correct. Any use of a Optical drive (ROM) after the initial use will cause Windows Explorer malfunctions, i.e. missing Icons and letters (Characters) along with inability to open fully functional programs. As indicated in my initial writeup - drivers re-installed. I've tried Windows repair functions on WK2000, ME and XP with deadly results - re-installation of OS.
Thank you.

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by PoppaTab In reply to What causes ROM drive to ...

It looks like the auto-run inf is a bit messed up. Have you changed your auto-run settings? You can also disable the auto-run. What do you mean when you say,"open ROM drive and restart drive (any CD media):"? Which item on the CD do you click on to restart the CD? Which OS are you running?

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ROM Drive

by inmoncolley In reply to RE: ROM

OS = XP Media Edition 2005 using an AMD 64 X2 3800 on a Gateway built PC
"Open ROM drive and restart drive (any CD media)" means just that - push eject, drawer opens then close drawer with CD inside. This is when you actually see the problem although the 'damage' was done on the initial start.
No, I have not tried turning off auto-run.
The problem occurs as soon as the drive spins up with any cd/dvd media.
Stranger things have happened with Windows OS so I wouldn't put it past the Auto-Run.inf file.
Thank you.

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RE: CD Rom

by PoppaTab In reply to ROM Drive

Next best guess is the drive is trying to tell you it is ready for replacement. Not knowing how old the machine is or what brand the CD drive is. If the drive came with the machine; it can be a few years old for sure. If you can perhaps re-seat the drive connections, it could help. Also while you have the cable off you could try cleaning the contacts with a pencil eraser. If you have another CD drive you could swap them to see. Most likely; the CD Rom is at fault. Where is the drive located in respect to Hard disk? Have you looked at BIOS to see if the reader is displayed, etc. Also, what was the last thing you installed before the CD ROM started showing errors?

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CD ROM Update

by inmoncolley In reply to RE: CD Rom

Please read my recent post.
Thank you for your assistance. Ever little bit helps when you're trial and error troubleshooting.

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Apple Itunes and Adobe Audition Conflict on XP Pro

by inmoncolley In reply to What causes ROM drive to ...

Thanks to everyone who responded. After a lot of trial and error troubleshooting, the root cause of the problem is what Itunes does to the ROM drivers. It basically corrupts them if Adobe Audition software is installed. I have Itunes on 2 other PCs without Audition. I haven't had a problem. QuickTime for Windows has not presented a problem.
If anyone has the symptoms I've described in the original article, look first a Itunes and other installed software using the ROM drives. As an after thought, the push package of Power2Go didn't have a problem. My next step is to install my Roxio software and leave Itunes off forever.
Thank you.

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