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What Certification?

By king_of_fish ·
What Certification should I go for, I have taken some MCSE, CCNA and A+ courses and I don't know what I should go for, I was thinking A+ cause there are allot of places that like them but I just don't know, I can take more courses of you people think theres another good Certification out there, I open to thought at what you people think.

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by puleplayer2 In reply to What Certification?

After thinking about it, and having several successful IT people give the same recommendation, I decided the first smart step would be to go for the CCNA. In looking at the jobs in the newspaper, most list CCNA as the most sought-after certification. I am currently in the first semester of the CCNP portion of the Cisco Networking Academy program, so I'm overdue to take the CCNA exam (complete that training this past December). I'm currently cramming my butt off and will be working up my courage to take the CCNA in the next month. I have this great fear of failure, so I want to be sure to pass on the first try, lol. Good luck to you in your pursuit of certification.

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CCNA is tough

by khc In reply to WHICH CERT TO GO FOR!

Be prepare to fail for the first time because
lot of my failed on 1st attempt. I finally
got it after many times.

Good Luck.

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BS - Degree

by JimHM In reply to What Certification?

Depends one what you want to do, networking go for the CCNA - stay away from wasting money on Microsoft certifications. CISCO cert's are still very valued in the market.

If you want to go into managment - or technical - get a BA in business or BS in Information Sci - Then get the MS or MA -

They all will take years and dollars to complete... so where do you want to be at the end of the road - which will open more doors for you - where is the market going -

CCNA - Will always be in networking and CISCO (if something better comes along then what).

BS/BA/MS/MA - general technical and business need experence - but is flexable to market conditions.

Best of luck - they all will require dedication on yours and your families parts to get.

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The question isn't really what you should go for...

by mlayton In reply to What Certification?

...but what are you interested most in? If you like networking, than Cisco is a good one to pursue. If you want something less vendor-specific but good for security, SANS has a couple different tracks that may interest you, and security certs, I think, will become a good-to-have in the near future - it is one of the most demanded, least understood functions within IT, I think. If you are a mostly Microsoft shope, then Microsoft is good, but limiting if you are expanding beyond M$

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what cert to start with, good question.

by tjc In reply to What Certification?

I suggest get the A+ first and then move on to the network+ and the I-Net+ (at the same time or right after each other since simular material in both)and then get the server+.... in that order -that is what I'm doing.

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