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What Certifications are Best?

By whollyfool ·
I know there is debate on whether certifications are worth the paper they're printed on, but I've got a chance to take some training and I wanted to know what basic IT certifications are best viewed by the IT community in general. Is A+ still the way to go or has something better come along?


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Certs are good, experience is good

by Tig2 In reply to What Certifications are B ...

To me, the consensus is that they both have their place.

If you are hands on support, the A+ is always a good baseline. If you are experienced in hands on support, you will find it amazingly simple. If you are Network Administration, Network+ is still a good one. The Cisco certs are also good.

My question to you is what are you doing now, what do you want to BE doing? That should guide your decisions when looking at training.

If you have to opportunity to take ANY training, TAKE IT! It will never hurt you.

Good luck!

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True Value of Certification in your hiring process

by Systems Magician In reply to What Certifications are B ...

I interviewed two people recently, the certified gave me a "how to" to get to the answer, the experience just gave me a straight answer, both are correct though.

Just wondering, if you hired someone lately, how much of your decision to hire was based on certification(s) and how much was for experience?

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Go for the candidate that has the most experience.

by Labrat636 In reply to True Value of Certificati ...

Ironically, I have learned from experience to go with the candidate that has more experience. It is difficult to determine someone's motivation for obtaining certifications. But there is no questioning the motivation of a candidate that has demonstrated a level of desired performance in a former position.

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by Hendry_Betts In reply to What Certifications are B ...

Certs are gateways. They are hiring discriminators and firing incriminators. They only serve to call attention to skills you may have.

Like others have said, if given the opportunity to get a cert... get it... it's obviously important to your company.

If you are hunting, take a survey of the jobs that you are seeking and find a common consensus of certs they want. Then go for the top one(s). This will put you through the idiot in HR who can only see what paper you are pushing not your real value.

Still, in IT, the best way to get hired is to know someone on the inside. Blind application only gets you as far as the HR flunky who doesn't know how the PC works..

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