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    What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA


    by jackjohns ·

    I am currently working as an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) break / fix engineer, really a hardware position. But I would really like to get into a more demanding role, the only thing is I’m not sure if i should go via the CCNA or MCSA route.

    I like the role I have at the moment in the fact that i’m not totally office based, but I’m just not sure which qualification would help me to get a better paid job. I appreiciate that either will do this, but which is there more of a demand for / which route will in the end pay better.

    I don’t mind working hard to get where i need to be but I don’t really want to spend ??????? getting the wrong qualifications.
    I am positioned in the North of England if this makes any difference to my dilema.
    Thanks for any help on this one.

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      Do Both…

      by lsmith1989 ·

      In reply to What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      Do Both, thats what I recommend. MCSA is Specific to Microsoft operating systems and CCNA will explain how networks work. It is Cisco specific but it also touches on the general theorys of the lower OSI layers and how the internet, and LAN/WANS work. Most of the time, Microsoft Servers are using Cisco equipment to communicate with other Microsoft Servers.

      Trust me, bieng very well rounded will help you out alot.

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      Reply To: What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      by fred king ·

      In reply to What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      I would start with the Network+, as it gives basic knowledge of networking.
      The CCNA is a really good starting point..
      The MCSA is also a good starting point.. I would start with Windows XP and see how it goes…

      I hope that helps

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      Go for MS

      by capabel ·

      In reply to What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      I would focus on MS and try to land a support position. It’s unlikely you will land a job supporting cisco with just a ccna just as it’s unlikly you will be supporting networks with just a Network+, but as long as your technical and know MS you CAN land a job as a helpdesk guy and work your way up the ladder from their. The hardest part of getting in IT is getting that first job and a MCSA usually give you the key to open the door!

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      CCNA is rather better.

      by lewisb ·

      In reply to What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      Hardware touch in your job. You can go for CCNA and then network+ of compTIA certification. Definitely it will increas in you job status. MCSE/MCSA has sequesce of 5-6 exam you need to study hard. If you can fetch time………..CCNA is not so easy job. I had tried and passed it. Do whatever suite your skills along with job requirement .

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      depends on you

      by ·

      In reply to What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      do you want to work with the servers or the routers?


      i would recomend taking the 3 MCSA core tests and the two A+ and Network + tests for your elective.

      CCNA is one test but its a doosy.

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      depends on what you do currently and what you want

      by sigipitalagato ·

      In reply to What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

      MCSA is more in the system administration (networking software) side while CCNA is more in the engineering (networking hardware) side so its really up to you on what you’re currently doing and what you want to do in the near future. but having both will give you more good than harm. if i were you, i’ll take both.

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