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What Certs To Do Next

By rocky5689 ·
I will be finishing my mcse security and doing some thinking on what certs I want to do next , I have two options
a) CCNA ->Checkpont CCSA -> CISA or skip CISA and then do CISSP. I am not sure if I need cisco and checkpoint but if I get both . I have all the basis covered as some company will have pix or checkpoint.
b)Checkpoint->CISA -> CISSP

After how many years checkpoint cert and CISSP expires. I also dont want to renew every cert after 3 years as I like being generalist and not being specialist.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to What Certs To Do Next

CISA and CISSP are not like most certs where you can just pass a test and become certified. These two carry some weight. Both require real on-the-job experience. CISA requires from two to five years experience working as an IT auditor, with credit given for college education or other IT work. Regardless, you have to have at least two years of IT audit experience. Im not exactly sure abyt CISSP but I do know have to have a certain number years doing specifically info security work (setting up firewalls and user administration does not qualify). It is my understanding that they do not expire. You just have to have specified number of continuing education units every year. These can be obtained by attending seminars, professional meetings and a variety of other not-too-difficult methods.

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by rocky5689 In reply to CISA and CISSP

I have 2 years of experience not doing IT audit work , just regular admin working with it security .

I have to start somewhere in IT security .

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