What character @start of filename will put it last in (Windows) sort?

By Dan Aquinas ·
Oftentimes I have a file that has decreased in usefulness, but not to the point that deleting it is warranted. I would like to retain it, but keep it off to the sides, so to speak. A solution that seemed to meet my needs would be to rename the filename, putting a character at its beginning, such that it would appear last in a sort (this is on Windows). I have not found such a character. Windows does not do a simple ASCII sort for the tilde (~, ASCII hex 7e) at the front of the filename doesn't accomplish my objective.

Any other ideas? Is there a way to more finely control how Windows sorts items? I do not want to create a folder and move the filename there (too much work for one thing), but that seems my only option (other than doing nothing).

This "issue" also affects other lists that I work with; for example, user names, group names, etc.

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by jdmercha In reply to What character @start of ...
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I use the _ character to move things to the beginning of the list

by DanLM In reply to What character @start of ...

Orrrrr, I also date stamp stuff that I work on in the format of 20061208_{file folder descriptor).

This always keeps things in order
if you keep renaming the file/folder every time you change it to the current date. It will always stay at the beginning. Otherwise, it will roll to the end.


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