What characters are illegal when hyperlinking files on a server?

By ariadne ·

The company I'm working for has introduced hyperlinking files (for internal email), to downsize the impact this email traffic has on the servers.

Now I was wondering: does anybody know which characters are not to be used when naming the files? The # symbol seems to be one but are there more "illegal characters"?
Thanks for any help you can provide!


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re illegal characters

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to What characters are illeg ...

Other characters to avoid would be the slash (/), comma (,), period (.), colon (:), semi-colon (;), less than (<), greater than (>), brackets of any kind ( { } [ ] ( ) ), quotes ("), appostrophes ('), ampersand (&), question mark (?), equal sign (=), plus sign (+), asterisk(*), and any other characters from the upper row.

Characters which are safe to use are the underscore (_) and the dash or minus sign (-).

Basically, if you tell them to always use alphabetic characters or numbers and NO spaces in file names, you're pretty safe. In addition, capitolization is important, so if you tell them to always use lower case, they won't bump into a "case" issue when trying to link to a file.

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by jdclyde In reply to re illegal characters

I always recommend making the first letter of each word upper case for readability. If you have issues still, throw in the _ to separate.

I personally would ban all other characters other than the "_". ( underscore )

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