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What company do you think of when you hear "VoIP"?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
That's the question posed in the latest TechRepublic poll and the answers are:

- Skype
- Vonage
- Avaya
- Nortel
- Cisco
- Other

Which one is at the top of your mind? Which VoIP vendor(s) do you use?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to What company do you think ...

Vonage is the one I think of because of their television ads. It's also the one I won't use because of their television ads.

"Wooh-hoo, wooh-hoo-hoo!" I've got your "wooh-hoo" right HERE.

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by jmgarvin In reply to What company do you think ...

I like the Avaya phones, but you can't beat VoIP on your desktop....

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by maxwell edison In reply to What company do you think ...
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by shinau In reply to What company do you think ...

Skype for sure - It's the best thing happened in the last 5 years!!! Skype 2.5 with SMS is too good to be true.

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by mgsheinin In reply to What company do you think ...

I use Packet 8, which gives excellent and affordable service.

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by Eric.Talbot In reply to What company do you think ...

The ability to use any type of client real prhone or softphone and the ability to build your own parallel phone system without spending a dime.What i hate about skype and Google Talk is they are propritary therefore you can't call a skype client from a standard sip client.

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by john In reply to What company do you think ...

Mitel 3300 ICP. Very robust and reliable series of controllers. Can be used as straight IP or add digital and analog services as well.

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Ditto. . .

by bkinsey In reply to Mitel

Mitel 3300 ICP. Two of 'em, in fact, for complete failover and redundancy.

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by mbenitez In reply to Mitel

A company I worked for did a complete VOIP RFP - soup-to-nuts. All the major players submitted proposals, except for Nortel (not sure why they weren't interested), and MITEL's solution, while not the least expensive, was the most robust for the price.
Avaya's solution was pretty awesome, but who has $10M US lying around? cisco's solution was good, but in order to get all the redundancy and features they needed they were looking at dozens of servers. The MITEL solution is small, inexpensive, and robust.

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by w_g_ellis In reply to What company do you think ...

I think of Cisco because while in college the IT staff upgraded the dorms "cool" rotary phones to Cisco's VoIP phone. I also had a part-time job in a call center using Cisco VoIP technology.

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