What connections can support a vpn?

By sewrieffel ·
I am about to move to a place that is off-grid but I may have the chance to work remotely for my employer.

I know that a satellite connection would be out of the question.

Does anyone know if wifi can handle a vpn connection and how I might obtain wifi in an off grid situation? Is there equipment that I may be able to boost my signal so that I can reliable stay connected to my company's vpn and have it be fast so i can get some work done.

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Need more geographic info

by scott_heath In reply to What connections can supp ...

Here is a site about access for East Texas using a Motorla technology.

Any connection to the internet can support a VPN connection, the question is one of performance. Obviously the faster the better.

You also have the option of calling an ISP to find out how much a fractional T1 or frame-relay costs.

3G\4G is also a possiblity if cellphone service is available in the area. This can be boosted with antennas, but my experience with the 3G solution we use for stores at my company is that they don't help that much. A properly set directional antenna can do better, but cell towers change their signal directionality on demand.


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off-grid internet

by sewrieffel In reply to Need more geographic info

Thanks Scott. The area is Northern California. Unfortunately, the cell service is very patchy, mostly non-existent, so that isn't really an option.

I will try first contacting the ISP's in the area to see if I can get something hard-lined out there, though I think it will most likely be cost prohibitive.

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Hope this helps

by scott_heath In reply to off-grid internet

This link has some microwave radio based ISPs for Northern California.

Good luck,

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