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What constitutes a "Network Development Plan"?

By Stubby ·
As part of my role (Network Support, development and odd job bod) I've been tasked with liaising with our local Comprehensive schools and "formulating" a Network development Plan for each of them.

I have a good relationship with each of the schools heads of ICT and their technician/s, but as each school is so different in terms of kit, knowledge, budget and so on and I am struggling a little in trying to work out the best approach.

So far I've come up with ....

1. Mapping their networks as they are
2. Analysing said network if time and school allows
3. Discuss school wants / needs / must do's
4. Discuss security practices - specifics include AV, WiFi, Firewalling, adware .... any others?
5. Discuss school Accepatable Usage Policy
6. Anything else the school wants to add ....

Looking at it now, it seems fairly comprehensive, but I've done two so far and neither went as I thought they might.

So, really I'm asking -
What do you do?
What do you look for?
What do you ask?
etc .....

Remember this is a development plan, but I'm trying to get the baseline in place first.

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