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What correct configuration to apply in Modem and Router

By Ricky2144 ·
Tags: Networking
I need your help in the following, please, can you tell me all the steps in detail of how I should configure my network and can access the modem and the router and have internet on my computers. If I want to access my modem, I don't have to disconnect any cables, what configuration should the router have, the modem, dhcp? Who should have fixed, dynamic IP? etc..etc..etc .. Modem: TP-LINK mod. TD-8616 Router: TP-LINK Mod. WR642G euipos with windows 10 2 HP printers with wifi and with fixed IP addresses Thank you very much
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What correct configuration to apply in Modem and Router

by deborasumopayroll In reply to What correct configuratio ...

Step One: Connect Your Wireless Router to Your Modem with an Ethernet Cable.
Step 2: Wait for Your Wireless Router to Create a Network and Follow the Appropriate Instructions.
Step 3: Create an Admin Name and Password for Your Wireless Router.
Step 4: Connect the Router to Your Internet.
Step 5: Connect Any Wired Devices.

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