What could be causing loss of application sessions over Wi-LAN?

By Nathan.Hunt ·
We use XP Pro SP3 with 802 11g APs and the clients keep losing application sessions as they move about the wireless coverage area. Any ideas?

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Setup or Drivers

by oldbaritone In reply to What could be causing los ...

I've had problems with channel-hopping under XP too. The APs had the same ssid, on different channels (5 apart) in a cellular coverage fashion. Sometimes it worked great, sometimes not.

One major reason I found for dropped coverage was out-of-date drivers on the client. Check for updates, sometimes it helps.

Good luck.

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"move about the wireless coverage area"

by seanferd In reply to What could be causing los ...

Have you checked to see if this always occurs in the same areas? It could be simple signal loss ("shadow"), external interference (electrical cables, etc.), or multipath interference with which the antennae cannot cope.

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Wireless Coverage

by Nathan.Hunt In reply to "move about the wireless ...

Don't have any particular pattern. My wireless support group says there's no coverage isisue. Advised there is an engineering issue with the client platform (Lenovo X200). Curious to find out what I can from my desktop engineering crew.

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That is one expensive NB to be having issues with.

by seanferd In reply to Wireless Coverage

So, your wireless crew is saying it is the wireless card - is it the standard [Intel Wi-Fi Link 5300 (802.11 a/b/g/n)] that ships with the NB? If it that card/chipset or the drivers, I'd be curious to know.

I feel a bit silly making suggestions, what with you having entire tech groups at your disposal, but are the WAPs and NBs all using the same revision (a,b,g, or n)?

edit: Obviously, the NBs should all be using rev. g, as you had already stated that is waht the WAPs are configured for.

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by dgoldsmith In reply to What could be causing los ...

so do you have different WLAN networks?

are you seeing good signal strength on your wireless clients?

Are you loosing the wireless connection as you move throughout the wireless coverage area as well? does the signal fade?

more detail is needed of the problem that you are having.

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