What could cause this program to hang?

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Hello, I am currently working with a users machine who has had a fresh reformat not too long ago. Another user who uses the same programs also had this done. The one user is having an issue with MAS90 (this does not happen with any other programs, or on the other users machine.) MAS90 can be opened and worked in with no problems, but when you try to minimize the screen to the task bar, the Title Bar, or sometimes the Tool Bar from the window will still linger around. The machine is practically new (Dell Latitude D830, 2gigs of ram, core 2 duo processor) and is a quick machine. The machine is not running slow in any way that would cause this hang. In fact this is a machine for our billing department who does not run any processor/memory intensive programs. I have tried removing and reinstalling MAS90, and also updating and playing with the graphic drivers with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions, or maybe any questions about the machine, or what I have done with it, please feel free to ask, or give input. I am really lost on this one, so any info. at all will help. Thanks in advance!

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