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What CPUs are compatible with Intel GM965 chipset?

By kefan77 ·
hi, I own acer 5720 travelmate laptop, CPU is T5270 (core 2 duo 1,4GHz), the chipset is Intel GM965.

Can someone please list all CPUs compatible with this chipset?

I want to upgrade the CPU and also wanted to ask what are the potential issues of that (in terms of cooling etc)

what is the fastest/best CPU this chipset will support?


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by .Martin. In reply to What CPUs are compatible ...

laptops are not designed to have their processors changed, as a faster processor puts out more heat, the cooling built into the laptop can not handle this extra heat.

long story short, don't...

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what about this?

by kefan77 In reply to What CPUs are compatible ...

ok, so here is the full specs for my current laptop:

here is the specs for the same type of laptop (travelmate 5720) but with T7500 cpu (2.2GHz)

my question:

would I be able to replace 1.4GHz with 2.2GHz as all the other specification (chipset, graphics atec seem to be the same) ?

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RE: What about this?

by PoppaTab In reply to what about this?

The old processor has been retired; it's time has come and gone. You are far better off with new hardware all the way around. A 1.4Ghz processor will have a hard time keeping up with website content alone. It is not worth breaking open the case on a laptop (notebook) to replace the processor. I'm pretty sure any respectable repair shop would humor you and tell you throw the old one out and get a new one. Newer technology will swing to quad core as a base unit and promote i5 and i7. Fixing up a laptop isn't worth it unless you are just playing around with it.
Hmmm I got an extra technology! Also matching the socket may present a problem (I haven't researched that).

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