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What CRM software do you use or recommend

By The Weekly Geek ·
As an IT company we eat our own dog food, that is use what we sell. Right now we need to expand to add CRM to our services and for us.
I figure we are not the only company in this position so I figure I would put it out to our members and see what you have to say.

Let's start with the basics:
1. We are a Windows shop so no Linux, just don't go there.
2. There are 3 of us total (I could use 2 more technicians immediately) and only 500 customers in the database with only 50 being active business???s (those that have spent over $1,000 this year). So it does not need to be for a fortune 500 company.
3. I don???t believe in domains for less than 25 users (even though I am a Microsoft shop I have not "drunk the cool aid").
4. We only have 2 customers with over 25 computers and 3 domains.
5. Being a service shop I need a CRM that schedules appointments, sends notices to the technicians of their schedule and has both notes and warnings (such as "Appointment is at 8 am, customer will be coming home for appointment don???t be early").
6. The CRM must NOT be "custom", we only use and support software that we expect to be around for a while (not that Microsoft has ever dropped a product ...). IT can and should be customizable but must be an off the self product.
7. The CRM must run on a peer-to-peer (see above about domains).
8. Cloud products are out, I don???t "lease" so we must "own" the product and I want it on a local "server".
9. Ease of use, the product must be able to be used by the average non technical customer and must be customizable by the office "go to" person, not a high end tech. If it takes 6 weeks to learn the product it is not on "the list".

That ought to stir up enough trouble and discussion, let me know what you have used and what works, and works well.

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