What Data Comes Back to RDP Client?

By djpratt ·
When a client rdp's into a terminal server located at a remote site what data comes back to the client?

Is it just the data that paints the window on the rdp client?

My understanding is the terminal server and the database server do the number crushing and output the info to the terminal server.

Or .... Does all the data and number crushing fly back and forth to the rdp client?

I know the print job data will travel back to the client and print on local printer.

Clarification; When the rdp client see's an hour glass waiting for data to appear.
1. Is this data traveling back to the client?
2. Is this data traveling between TS and Database?

Additional Info:

Client site use a DS3
DataCenter uses 10mg
TS2003 Runs on VMWARE
Database is Sybase
Sybase run's on RS600 AIX
There is a VPN Point to Point from Site to Site.
Users Use a Mac with the Mac RDP
Users Connect to TS via a static IP

Thanks For Your Input

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All work should take place on the remote server.

by seanferd In reply to What Data Comes Back to R ...

But you can see exactly what packets are exchanged with Wireshark.

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One answer its a MAC!, there is a connection which packets travel to and from in the VPN which 'paints' the window for the user in you case it appears there is a issue maybe within the connection between the two sites.

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