what database ?

By ghs74 ·
I want to designe a SW that requires a huge database and i want to design its interfece and don't know what is the best programming lang. that goes with MS access or with SQL??
or any other recommendations !!

thank u

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Well if it's going to be huge

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what database ?

do not use access. By huge I'd mean gigabytes.

Huge in the industry would be terabytes. I've seen access struggle over 100M in some situations. Unless you want to develop in access, I wouldn't bother with it.

Presumably as a student you are looking at low cost solutions.

To be honest if you are on windows then an MS solution is going to cut out a lot of difficulties and let you get on with coding.
You can get SQL Server 2005 Express and Visual Studio Express off MS for free. Anything you design with them will beef up to the full versions.
From a purist language point of view I think C# is your best choice, but in terms of interacting with a database there's no real difference functionally.

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by ghs74 In reply to Well if it's going to be ...

thank you .. i was thinking about C++ too!!

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