What desktop management software do you run?

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Hello All,

I am a one man IT department looking to make my life a little easier. As a bit of background, the Augusta County Service Authority is the main provider of water and sewer services for Augusta County. While we are a separate entity from the County government, we are in the same building and share most of our IT resources. The County's IT department provides the Exchange, DHCP, file/print, etc servers, which leaves me with ~80 laptops and PCs and 4 servers (intranet, and application) spread across 6 locations.

At the moment, my toolkit is mostly full of freebies when it comes to managing our PCs. I use WSUS for updates, remote desktop/remote assistance for remote support, and group policy for app deployment and user management.

Rights wise, I have the local admin account on all of our equipment, can modify our OU in Active Directory, can create/modify our group policies, and can add PCs to the domain. However, I do not have domain admin rights.

When I first started to look at software, I was only attempting to remove admin rights from our users. The catch was that we have a few legacy apps that need admin rights (either because of files or hardware accessed) so I intended to purchase BeyondTrust's Privilege Manager. However, while reading various IT magazines, I also became aware of ScriptLogic and Kaseya, which expanded my "wish list" to also include better patch management, app deployment, and user management.

I've completed the ScriptLogic trial, and am working on a Kaseya trial, but I also wanted to see what other people thought, either of ScriptLogic or Kaseya or even another product I haven't thought of.

Thanks for your help,


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