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What Disadvantage About WinXP SP2

By kokwee_1867 ·
Can anyone list out the disadvantage of Windows XP SP2 ?

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by TheChas In reply to What Disadvantage About W ...

1. A lot of older software will not work with SP2.

2. Some "new" software requires patches to work under SP2.

3. The automatic ON firewall setting can cause problems on a corporate network.

4. You need to manually disable the Windows firewall if you wish to use a 3rd party firewall.

5. Some devices (such as thumb drives) will require new or at least re-installed drivers in order to function.

6. Like any major software update or installation, a percentage will crash and the system will not be recoverable.

7. At 170 MB, the download takes a LONG time on a dial-up connection.


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by kokwee_1867 In reply to

I know alot of older software can't support. But, no example ? New software need patch ? No example too ...

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by zaferus In reply to What Disadvantage About W ...

If this is a home system and you share resources (printers, files) this can be disrupted as well by the firewall.

The antivirus message is annoying until you turn it off if you use NAV.

I would strongly recommend updating your drivers BEFORE you install, I have seen systems where hardware (including wireless keyb/mouse) stops working after an upgrade, and video problems as well from the update.

Check the date on the driver, make sure it's around summer 2004 or later. These probably have been updated for SP2.

Also, of course, back up your critical data just in case before you upgrade.

Prepare for your system to slow down around 5-15%. This one was a biggie for me as it slowed my gaming system down noticably. I've been turning off XP services and upgraded my RAM to compensate.

If you have older programs, don't just expect that they will all work. If this is for a business, I would strongly suggest using a sandbox (test network) and do extensive testing of your applications!


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by kokwee_1867 In reply to

What i need are listing of disadvantage of Windows XP SP2.

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by kokwee_1867 In reply to What Disadvantage About W ...

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