What do I call a new domain?

By chubbmaster ·
I'm setting up a new internal Win Server 2008 domain for a client with dcpromo. I've called it, but my boss says it should be xxxxx.local.

I don't think it matters. Who is right?

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there's no right or wrong in Domain naming

by CG IT In reply to What do I call a new doma ...

you can name it .com if you wish but if you have a 3rd party web site hosting, your internal users won't be able to get to your external web site because your DNS server will want to resolve the .com domain name. There can be issues with email as well.

The bottom line is that the domain name service simply identifies a name to an address. If you use 3rd party providers for web site hosting, email using the fully qualified domain name, and use 3rd party DNS service for the authoritative name servers for the fully qualified domain name, using the non internet .com extension provides the least problematic solution with the lowest administrative cost.

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