WHAT do I do?

By IT2MD ·
I have problems...problems...problems!!!!

My old (2006) Gateway tablet laptop (which I personally love) has been out of commission since 2011...and I still haven't been able to repair it!!!

I am writing this question on another old Gateway (MX644 laptop running Windows 7...I bought it used back in 2012 when my other Gateway went out...only paid about $30 for it cause it didn't have the power cord!!!...it's ok...but it's just not MINE!

and NOW...during the last month...my OLD desktop computer a Compaq 5310US (5300) series went on the fritz...I was trying to fix it, when I took out the memory and then put it back in without disconnecting it! (I know, STUPID!!!; but lately I haven't been in my right mind as I have been ill and on a lot of different medications)...anyway...when I did that, there was a spark (can't even remember what that is called)...and it hasn't come on since...

I really just don't know what to do anymore...I am so frustrated with me and all my none working tech devices...including a HTC TouchPro 2 Windows PC cell phone whose internal and expanded memory (8 GB) is FULL!!!...can't even listen to my damn music...

Any ideas on what I should do to get my old dinosaurs working again? And please no attacks on my own personal stupidity...believe me, I am harder on myself than anyone else can be...just note my recent FB status:

I don't usually **** UP; but when I do, I do it ROYALLY!!!!

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Take It Slow

by TheChas In reply to WHAT do I do?

Take it slow and steady. Breath and take your time to avoid errors.

For the Compaq, sounds like you need at least a motherboard and new RAM. Might need more.

As you did not state what is wrong with the laptop, hard to give specific advice.

Personally, I would get two new (or newer) computers. Then, remove and slave your old hard drives so that you can transfer your data files over to the new computers.

For the phone, start by clearing out temp folders and cache files / folders.
Look closely at your installed apps. If you don't use an app on a regular basis, uninstall it. Two apps that perform about the same task, choose one and uninstall the other.

Get a memory card reader or adapter, and transfer your pictures to a computer and then back them up to either a USB hard drive or optical disk. Do not trust Flash memory for permanent storage.

If this was an Android phone, I would recommend AppCacheCleaner. It does a very good job of finding and deleting the files apps leave behind. Perhaps there is a similar app for a Windows phone.


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