What do I do if I can not sell XP?

By raymondh ·
I sell/build computers in a local only market.Service many business needs and some home users. I have had a number of customers that bought Windows 7 shortly after it was released but are planning to stay with XP because of a few things they do not like with Windows 7. XP is a very good business system. What do I do now that I can not sell it any more?
Thank You

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A few things they do not like with Windows 7?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to What do I do if I can not ...

So, what are these few things that they do not like about Win7?
I find it (WIn7 Ultimate 64 bit) very secure, and also if you need to Reload Win7 for a repair or reinstall it does it quite quick. It depends on which flavour of Win7 they had. If they went with the Ultimate 64 bit version they would be quite pleased.

I can still get Windows XP (with SP2, English version) over here for 158 (Eng pounds), maybe less.

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things they do not like with Windows 7

by raymondh In reply to A few things they do not ...

Much dislike for the Start Menu. It is not user frendly. In Windows Vista they gave the Classic option. Not in 7. The indexing can be a real pain when attempting to read (for ex.) a backup drive. We know extactly where we want to go but Windows 7 can take 30 minutes to index it before it will let you read it. No built in email client is a hugh factor to many as Outlook Express is impossible to replace for those that are used to it. I've had several go back to XP because of this and a number that just have not upgraded because of it. (This is a big deal to those that half the reason they bought a computer is email). There are times that after you copy folders with Windows 7 that the folders are there but the folders are empty. When they use Windows XP to copy the exact same folder everyting comes along. I've seen them do this - I have no answer for why the folders are empty. Windows Explorer in Windows XP is much easier to work in then the Windows 7 Version

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some solutions

by seanferd In reply to things they do not like w ...

Classic shell
Under constant development, up to v2 currently)

Classic Start Menu (different app, same deal, but just the Star menu)

As to the folder copying problem, I'll bet that if you refresh the screen, the contents will be there. If not, report this to MS.

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RE: No built in email client is a hugh factor to many as Outlook Express

by OH Smeg In reply to things they do not like w ...

Thunderbird for a mail client springs to mind and it's free

As for as selling systems loaded with XP this is easy. All you have to do is sell a Windows 7 Pro of higher OEM Set with the new system and load it with XP. 7 Pro and Higher have a Backward License which allows you to sell the new product and load the old. It will also give the owner the opportunity later to load 7 when/if they need it.


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Well, when the XP licenses are no longer available

by seanferd In reply to What do I do if I can not ...

people will have to buy something else, or go without, no? Until then, start buying up XP licenses.

So, you are back to offering Vista or 7. Alternatively, you could offer non-Windows OS like a Linux, Solaris, or a BSD. You can get free or paid versions of these, so you can either re-sell them or just charge for the setup.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well, when the XP license ...

Next hottest paper on the Nasdaq... WinXP licenses!

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Now is the time to get in

by seanferd In reply to Ha...

on XP license futures! Act now!

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More like

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Now is the time to get in

XP license pasts...

Seriously though, I'm starting to wonder what I'm going to do... I guess a choice is being forced soon, and the jump to 7 is just too steep.
I guess I'll really have to start training myself on Linux... I want to keep the kind of system I have now... 1,6GHz or so. I don't want to have to get a huge processor so I can run apps that I don't need.

Crap. Then I have to find out if winfast .dot files can run on OpenOffice or other linux-based wordprocessors. Or if Office 2007 runs under wine...

Ludd almighty, stop the insanity!

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by seanferd In reply to More like

If it is an MS Office document template file, it should work without issue in OO.

7 really isn't that bad. Way better than Vista. What is too steep for me is the price.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Winfast?

Wordfast it is; a CAT tool (comp. assist. translation). I hope it works, but I'd better check it out.

To me, the price, and the requirements.

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