What do I do next to troubleshoot Explorer Restarting

By Whirl3d ·
When I booted up my PC this afternoon, it seemed to take a bit longer than usual.Once windows loaded, the desktop was displayed and everything looked to be in order. The various items in the task bar were loading and then Explorer restarts. Again and again and again.

When I boot into safe mode, same situation.

When I boot into windows XP Pro Installer, it lists each of my drives (I have 4 SATA drives) as Drive 0 ID=0

If I attempt to install on any of the existing partitions, the setup program states that the partition is not suitable for Windows XP; it needs to be deleted and reformatted.

Any ideas why this is happening or what I should do next?

Thanks in advance for your support,


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What was done to the computer recently?

by OH Smeg In reply to What do I do next to trou ...

This will be the starting point to work from but we need to know.

So any new programs installed or Windows Patches or Service Packs Loaded and what version of XP are you using?


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Nothing new

by Whirl3d In reply to What was done to the comp ...

I am running Windows XP SP2 Professional and I haven't installed anything new at all. The odd thing is that I was able to force quit explorer and launch Hijack this--but nothing out of the ordinary. I booted again, force quit explorer and launched ESET NOD32 Business (with the latest updates) and nothing.

The only thing is weird about my system is that I have been getting this error about the SMB subsystem and the computer's inability to load the appropriate SCSI drivers. I don't have a SCSI interface (so I figured it's probably PowerISO or some other emulation software), but even when I disable everything and double check my bios, explorer quits every 10 or so seconds. I have AVG AntiRootkit running and ESET Nod32 and I regularly scan for malware, so I don't think that's it.

The biggest problem I have is that when booting from the Windows installer disk, it is unable to differentiate drive ID's between my four SATA drives, though it sees the volumes, it can't use the partitions (all NTFS).

Any suggestions?

P.S. Thanks for the prompt reply and for the help. I really appreciate it.

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Well I can tell you what the SCSI Message means at least

by OH Smeg In reply to Nothing new

It sounds as if the SATA Driver is somehow incomplete or otherwise corrupt. As the System doesn't differentiate between SCSI SATA & Raid Drives you just get a Generic Error Message if one is fitted and the others are not installed.

So maybe a reinstall of the SATA Driver may help out here or better still a Repair Install of the OS if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc.

If you do follow the directions here to do a Repair Install

You may need to add the SATA Driver by pressing the F ^ Key when the first blue screen appears on the Windows Installer and use a Floppy with the SATA Driver on it.

If you have a System Makers Recovery Disc you can not do a Repair Install so try updating the SATA Driver for XP from your System Maker or M'Board maker. Actually try to update the SATA Driver first and then if worst comes to worst you may need to try something else. Just go to the Device Manager and find the SATA Controller and update that there.


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When Booting From CD?

by Whirl3d In reply to Well I can tell you what ...

Here is the rub: I have had this motherboard and this configuration for over a year and have never needed to load special drivers for the SATA chipset.

I am using the MSI Platinum with the NVIDIA chipset and I have installed Windows at least 5 times as I have upgraded hardware, corrupted registries, etc. I've never had a problem with any configuration of drives loading correctly.

feel pretty certain that a drive emulation package like PowerISO or Alcohol or Daemon Tools or Nero...the list goes on...has installed a virtual scsi driver set and I must have uninstalled the software without getting all the pieces. That would explain the missing drivers for the SCSI issue.

But the weirdest thing is that the drives aren't being recognized as separate drives when I boot from the Microsoft-supplied Windows Install disk. It sees the partitions I have setup, but claims they are all MBR Partitions and that none of them are suitable for Windows.

I think I am going to reset my CMOS and install a fresh hard drive from which I will install Windows from scratch again....It'll take a week to get all my software reinstalled, but at this rate, it'll take a week before I figure out the problem.

Thanks for your help. I'll post back if my plan works.

best wishes,


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OK as that M'Board doesn't require SATA Drivers

by OH Smeg In reply to When Booting From CD?

You could try a Repair install but a Clean Install to a unformatted Drive or Partition would defiantly be the better option.

It's just that most M'Boards need a SATA Driver to load the SATA Driver so you can install Windows onto a SATA Drive.

Lets know how you get on.


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