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What do I need?

By jsmith ·
Here's my situation: I'm trying to help out a friend hook up a network in three different locations. The first location has Pacific Bell DSL installed, and it comes into a punchdown with 5 lines running to it. What do I need to network 4 computers together, and let them all share the DSL connection for internet? Secondly, there will be DSL installed in another location, seperate building, and I need to network those 4 computers together have them share the DSL connection for internet, but how do I have that network see the network at the other location? Do I need to run some sort of communication media to that site?

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What do I need?

by TheChas In reply to What do I need?

Before you get to far, you need to know 2 things.
How much data is going to be uploaded from one site to the other?
And, is the DSL ADSL, or SDSL?
If it is ADSL, and there will be a lot of site to site traffic, I doubt that your friend will be happy with the results, as the ADSL upload rate is much slower than the download rate.

Then, you need to know more about the DSL modems and the account.
Is the modem a network device, USB device, or an internal card?
Does the account allow for multiple computers to share the connection?

If the modem is a network device, all you should need is a DSL / Cable hub with a built in firewall. Just make sure to get one with at least 4 output ports.

If USB, or a PC card, you will need to selecta PC to be the host, install the modem to it, enable internet connection sharing, and connect the 4 computers through a hub / switch.

As to the site to site connection, there are numerous ways to set things up.
One option would be a Virtual Private Network.

The Q&A forum is to limited to detail setting up a VPN. Search the TechRepublic archives for VPN articles. They will provide you with basic information, and a wealth of links for information.

Another thing that you need to consider is the security of the networks, and the data being transferred.

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