What do I need to know when mixing drives (SSD, HDD) (SAS, SATA)?

By jacob ·
Ok to start out with let me go ahead and warn you I am not looking for a quick link to another site mostly because I have more than likely seen it. I have heard all sorts of answers that go back and forth about mixing SSDs and HDDs or SAS and SATA drives. I have servers, workstations, and even desktops that I am noticing issues which I was able to isolate it to being the mix of SSD and HDD. I know that some of the answers I'm looking for rely on controller specifications of what it supports but I now have done so much research that I don't know what to think anymore. I am trying to get a general picture or understanding of do's and don'ts when mixing SSD, HDD, SATA, and SAS as well as what to watch out for when Mixing the two. I have three PCs that have one single SSD with O/S on motherboard (AHCI) and a Raid Controller card for the SAS HDD as storage. These three stations I am focusing on performance and wondering what to watch out for in general when building storage servers and/or workstation machines with SSDs in one Enclosure?

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