what do I need to make for a broadband connection?

By aounwilliam ·
Hello I connect to the Interent use a broadband connection (cable)what do I need to make it a wireless connection,I mean to use the internet all over the house without worrying about the cable.and can I use more than one laptop at the same time with the same connection?
Thank you

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Well the easiest way would be to plug

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what do I need to make fo ...

The Broadband Modem into the Up link port of a WiFi Router and then with a direct wired connection setup the router in accordance to the Instruction manual that comes with it.

You'll have to do a bit more that that though as you'll also need to lock it down to an extent that it's still usable but that no one outside your home can access the WiFi Link as if they download something you will be responsible for that download and carry the Legal Responsibility for it. Under normal conditions WiFi will carry for about 500 meters so you need to be careful.

For example some one with a WiFi seeker could find your connection open and download some Kiddy Porn and you would be the one as the owner of the Internet Connection who is responsible for that download and be listed as a Paedophile, similarly someone could download the way to make a Dirty Bomb and it would be the Feds who storm your place with a Please Explain and as you own that ISP connection again it would be your responsibility.

Also the other thing that you have to take into account is that Network Speeds on WiFi are slower than on cable and that only supposing that you are using a 100 T Base LAN and not the faster one so your download times and general network access could be much slower.


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