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What do I need?

By jevalles ·
I want to install and begin using Linux in my PC. Can anyone tell me what do I need to accomplish this? What to buy or download? I really know nothing about Linux.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to What do I need?

You need a 5 GB free HDD partition (unpartitioned). And of course you need some kind of Linux. I suggest XANDROS, you can download the ISO image of install CD from following link:
This is the most easy Linux for learning about Linux.

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by jdclyde In reply to What do I need?

find a LUG (Linux Users Group) in your area.

They typically have monthly meetings were you will learn a lot!

You also will find people there that will trip all over each other to help get you going, provided you are not looking to be spoonfed, and are respectful.

For a system, don't use anything lower than a PIII, with 256 ram. If you wouldn't be satisfied with the system to run windows, you won't be satisfied with the linux (although linux desktop is less intensive on your system than windows is).

Also, it has been my experience that at the LUG meetings, people will have copies of distros already burnt that they hand out. (anything to be cool, ya know?)

Good luck!

( I JUST got done loading SuSE. will see how that goes )

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by rkuhn In reply to What do I need?

Being just a little ahead of where you are, I can say that I'd first buy a book or something first.

I tried to dive in head first and that was a huge mistake.

Yes, I got the install up and running just fine, but I wasn't able to do anything more than just the rudimentary stuff...browse the web, create stuff in OpenOffice, etc.

The directory structure is so different, commands totally different, etc that I got really frustrated really fast.

I guess what I'm saying is don't disillusion yourself. Being a power user (admin) for Windows systems for years, I figured it wouldn't be all that hard.

I was dead wrong. Start small and work your way up. I have no Unix, Linux or MAC experience and I felt totally confused.

I'm still at it and if you'd read some of my posts the Linux users here on TR think I'm a quack and hardcore Windows supporter (far from the absolute truth), but it was much hard than I had anticipated.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to What do I need?

im very ho you can't beat redhat for handholding.
here is a sample
Appendix G. Configuring a Dual-Boot System
Sharing a computer between two operating systems often requires dual booting. You can use either operating system on the computer, but not both at once. Each operating system boots from and uses its own hard drives or disk partitions.

This chapter explains how to configure your system to boot into both Red Hat Linux and another operating system. For clarity, we will assume that the other operating system is Microsoft Windows?. But the general procedures are similar for other operating systems.

the rest can be found:

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

you guys jump in here if i am far wrong but you can apply the redhat instructions to most versions of least until you figure out how to read the fine manual that came with the version of your choice (rdl)personally i liked mandrake...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What do I need?

Xandros, Ubuntu or Knoppix are about the easiest and all have a users group on their Web Sites who are only too willing to help you out.

Just don't expect to be able to run Linux like you can Windows if you are a power user but once you learn to use any form of NIX you'll go looking for the more powerful ones and never want to step back into the Windows Mold and you'll be constantly confused why you ever bother with Windows in the first place as well.

The easiest Linux that I've ever installer was Corel Linux which is no longer supported but it was a Windows Killer and is still available at Planet Mirror

Knoppix is available from

Ubuntu is available at

The Linux On Line Users Group will also be of assistance to you and its at

If you need any more help just ask.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Just a note here if you are planning on running any of these on a NB the answer will be different as most of the above do not support all the extras required by NB's and I didn't bother reposting the Xandros site as it's already been posted.

But if you are planning on installing Linux onto a Desktop any of the above will be of use or if you can find a copy of the Red Hat 9 set that was sold here through News Agents for about $35.00 AU it has a very useful manual that explains quite a lot and is relatively easy to install and use.

The RPM's make it easier for some people to install applications over the older TAR that all the Debian Based Distro's use.

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by jevalles In reply to What do I need?

Thanks for all the responses, especially to 3xp3rt. Downloaded, installed, running, connected in less than an hour, I don't think anyone can beat Xandros. A 5 yr old can set it up! So far, it has everything I was looking for. I think I'm even going to spend some money and buy it. Thanks, amigos.

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