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What do Nokia and KDE have in common?

By Jaqui ·
seems that Nokia bought out Trolltech. [ Now they claim they have spent 14 years developing QT which is patently fake since I know about Trolltech having been making QT for a decade.
KDE groups together hundreds of contributors from across the globe, committed to the development of and the spirit of free software. Their work shows all the benefits of the Qt framework in a sheer endless amount of use cases and never ending creativity.
KDE releases more than 600 applications built on Qt which are translated into more than 100 languages."

Kind of proves that Nokia doesn't really pay attention doesn't it?
after all, KDE4 drove Linus Torvalds [ the inspiration for the Linux package, the kernel of a GNU/Linux system ] to GNOME it is so badly done.

When 75% of the functionality of earlier versions of KDE are ripped out, it makes it really obvious that KDE4 is only meant for looks, not to be used at all.

When KDE4 requires things like Plymouth, that explicitly IGNORE user configurations, it makes KDE4 useless.

all in all, Nokia might want to distance themselves from the KDE project. KDE4 has made the QT widget set a WILL NOT BE INSTALLED item on my GNU/Linux systems.

edit: Typo, Linus, not Linux.

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and I was nice ( I think )

by Jaqui In reply to What do Nokia and KDE hav ...

I sent Nokia a comment with a link to this thread in it.

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by seanferd In reply to What do Nokia and KDE hav ...

I really don't care for KDE as a DE, but I really have had no reason to find fault with the widget set or KDE apps as made available through other desktops, like XFCE. I approach Gnome in the same manner.

About the merits of various libraries/SDKs, I really know nothing.

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it's not

by Jaqui In reply to Well,

the fault really of QT, it's that KDE is pretty much it for open source QT apps, and has long been thought of as the "poster child" for the widget set.
KDE4 doesn't present QT in a good light.

so QT joins Java in the not to be installed list. [ and Plymouth boot splash system is also in that list ]

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Yes, we've gone over Plymouth before.

by seanferd In reply to it's not

And I completely agree.

Java - I have ended up installing that on a Windows machine. At some point, there were enough Java apps that I wanted to run. Aside from that, I need a Windows environment that is a bit like the installations i support, from time to time. :^0

I don't even want to know where Java is heading at this point. Oracle is pretty much teh suck regarding Open Source projects and communities. Their "interaction" with the Open Solaris folks has been less than stellar.

Yeah, from what I have noticed, KDE seems to be pretty much the face for QT app, but there seem to be plenty of non-K QT apps out there.

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by NexS In reply to What do Nokia and KDE hav ...

They both have a "K" in them.

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