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What do you actually do before you work with your computer?

By rbmfernandez ·
It's a brand new day in the office. The sun is shining, meeting co-workers and your bosses. Searching some news, checking your email, Facebook, or even the stock market (wheew!!!)
So really, what do you actually do before you work with your computer? Share some of your interesting moments before solving that bug from last night. :)

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Tracking software

by mjd420nova In reply to What do you actually do b ...

I first return unused parts and bad parts into the inventory, identify and pull new and repair parts for that days calls. When I get to the computer, I double check that the inventory computer has properly tracked the usage and issue of inventory. This is followed by updates of new calls and then procuring or ordering of parts for the new calls. Our system won't let me close any calls where I used a part that hasn't been issued. Some snafu's have resulted from mis-identification of parts and the barcodes don't match with the correct part. This creates some problems for inventory and a correction process can sometimes be a problem, depending on where the original mis-identification happened. Sometimes it's at the vendor or in an inventory input during shipping/recieving.

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by rbmfernandez In reply to Tracking software

nice ritual, though.. :)

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The first 15 minutes...

by Forum Surfer In reply to What do you actually do b ...

Step 1. I arrive somewhere between 7:50 and 8:05, then check system monitoring notifications and verify there are no disasters.

Step 2. If all is OK from step 1, I check my gmail and see who responded to my TR posts from the previous day, but there never are any because no one likes me. :)

Step 3 Go visit HR to see if "everything is working OK", then casually speak to the person briefing new hires as I scan the new hires for attractive new females.

Around 8:30 is when I actually start working productively. It's not about how efficient you are, it is about the results you actually produce.


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as much as possible

by jck In reply to What do you actually do b ...

that isn't work :^0


I have to finish this Access update today. Boss moved the deadline back about 2-3 weeks on me. Fun.... *cough cough*

So, I am just surfing forums and reading articles between changing code

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Not much

by Bizzo In reply to What do you actually do b ...

Take the laptop out of my bag
Plug it in
Log in
Lock it
Make a cup of tea
Back to desk
Sit down
Unlock laptop
Start work.

It would be nice to have access to facebook and other "non-work" sites whilst at work.

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Typical start

by Wild Card In reply to What do you actually do b ...

1. Check my phone messages and write down everything that has gone wrong in the past 12 hours.

2. Go to Fark and TR and scout around, maybe post.

3. Make a list of everything I would like to accomplish that day.

4. Lay on the floor in the fetal position, shaking and speaking in tongues.

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