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What do you demand from your computer reseller?

By mtosoc ·
Hello Everyone,

First off, thank you for reading my post! I'm a computer reseller who used to work CDW. I now work for a smaller company and am doing great as well as the company. I'm always seeking for ways to best service my customers but I'm not sure if they're telling me the truth or it?s too awkward for them to give me any criticism. I typically earn about 80-100% of their IT procurement needs (desktops, servers, notebooks, software licensing, etc.). My style of service is picking up the phone on the first couple of rings, (or returning voicemails in a matter of minutes), promptly answering emails w/quotes to their requests, following up on orders and setting expectations of delivery, and engaging specialized engineers for more complicated solutions, and bi-monthly phone calls or emails to give them the warm fuzzies, fish for more business and thanking them for the business. My technical expertise is no where near what you folks have. I know how to configure desktops, servers, routers along with the add-on sales that help with adding a little profit to the deal. I know how to position the appropriate manufacturer to my customers and am well versed at giving alternative solutions. But ask me to subnet, any programming, I'm lost.

I believe my style is adequate but I want to know what YOU GUYS want in your computer reseller. Everything I stated is no fluff on what I do for my customers. If you can tell me what you want AND what your frustrations are, it will definitely help me out improving my services to my clients. At the same time, IT consultants listening can benefit as well as you might be hearing the same frustrations from your clients as well.

If you want help on some of the tricks your sales reps play with you, how distribution works, where to save money so your CFO signs off on your po, please don't hesitate to ask. I would love to start contributing any way I can to help you create even more value for your company or clients.


Tony Tosoc

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by aw In reply to What do you demand from y ...

ARE you a member of The ASCII Group, which has over 70 volume purchase agreements with major distributors, a special errors and omissions insurance plan guaranteed to save resellers at least $1,000 per year on premiums and many other networking opps. See

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Reseller needs a Buyer's agent mentality

by oien In reply to What do you demand from y ...

If you are just being a fulfillment shop you are only doing half the job.

What most buying companies need is a partner who will share their knowledge of the channel to drive great deals over the long haul.

How well are you educating your customers? Do they understand how opportunities exist to get the best value for their dollar from manufacturers, distributors and you? Do you share your actual costs with them? Do they understand how your volumes help drive down their costs? Do you partner together on negotiations with manufacturers with your customer? Or are you the manufacturer's lap dog?

Company A may have been buying from Manufacturer 1 for a long time. By explaining the value of bringing Manufacturer 2 & 3 into the conversation and use the 2 & 3 competition to ensure the company they wish to by from gives them the best value.

Are you engaging your customers and asking about their companies business? If you know how your buyers are faring you can better position yourself to satisfy them. Simply put, know your customers pain and find ways to share it.

Finally, there will be a transaction or deal that goes bad. How the reseller reacts always tells me in what court my reseller is in. If the reseller goes to bat for me I have the guy I'm looking for. If I have to fight it out I've got the wrong group and I'll start looking at options again.

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