What do you do with your old toner cartridges?

By TigerOracle ·
I currently work at a Vocational Education
center as one of the two people in the IT
department. Recently when cleaning the office
area we discovered that we had accumulated
quite a few empty ink and toner cartridges from
a verity of printers. In the past we did business with a local company that refilled old
cartridges that gave us a slight discount off
the price of refilled toner when we returned
cartridges, however this company has gone out
of business recently, so we are looking for a
new solution for the cartridges, What do you do
with your empty cartridges?

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Return them.

by 1bn0 In reply to What do you do with your ...

Our supplier takes back the cartridges as part of our supply agreement.

The account rep actually picks them up.

Works for me.

One local office supply company used to accept used toner cartridges and refund $5.00 per cartridge. I'm not sure they still do.

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by shasca In reply to What do you do with your ...

After pressure from environmentalists most of the present day maunfacturers send return label with each new cartridge you buy, and take them back as part of a recycle program.

I would contact local office suppliers in your area to see what options they offer.

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If they are plastic, then they can be recycled.

Recycle the plastic and metal parts. that is what we do over here in Finland. If the machine is dead then it gets stripped down and separated, metal in the metal bins and plastic in their own bins etc.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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If we still use that printer refill them

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What do you do with your ...

If we no longer use that printer give them to the company who refills our units.


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Look for a non-profit company

by mjd420nova In reply to What do you do with your ...

A large number of non-profit groups do the collection, refilling and reselling of the old cartridges. They often employ the handicapped and use the profits to continue their outreach programs. The prices are reasonable and you can do something to help the disadvantaged.

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Personally, I donate them to a local non-profit....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to What do you do with your ...

... who in turn takes them to a local (for them) office supply store which gives them a $3.00 in-store credit for each toward their own office supply purchases.

I would do the same myself, but this office supply is 25 miles away from our office. It's just not worth the drive, especially since we're under contract to purchase all office supplies elsewhere and the closest store for our vendor is 46 miles away and they don't take back old cartridges anyway. Since I can't use the in-store credit, I let the non-profit have it.


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Recycle them

by webmaster In reply to What do you do with your ...

It shouldn't be a problem getting the empty cartridges
recycled. Like the UK, the US has a good recycling
infrastructure, meaning that they don't have to end up in

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Sell Them

by darkchaos78 In reply to What do you do with your ...

The Circuit City in my vincinity buys them, refills,and sells them back as a generic brand. Or something like that, try working it out, you might get some small amount per cartige. $2-3 It about wht you get.

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Re Toner Cart Recycling

by webmaster In reply to What do you do with your ...

We're an IT recycling company and get some 200 cartridges a month out of redundant printers. The issue with them is that if they're refills or remans (not the manufacturer's originals), the simply can't be reused as the rollers, ink heads are usually too worn out. The only recourse in that instance is shredding them, which toner cartridge recyclers won't do. If they're originals, they're worth money. If they're remans, they need to be properly recycled.

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