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    What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?


    by jonnyd94 ·


    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to see what the industry looks for when selecting a cloud partner to assist with project deployments or services.

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      cloud provider

      by asthasage955 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      First of all, you need to select a provider that gives the value, as well as benefits to your organization, expects from the cloud. The most important things to look for in an IT cloud provider are:
      – Technologies and service roadmap
      – Reliability and activity.
      – Transfer support vendor Lockin and exit planning.
      – Data safety, data Governance, and business policies.
      -Business health and company profile.

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      What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      by poppy567 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      It’s a complex question, you have to compare prices, credibility etc.

      We’ve chosen a company located nearby our office. (It Leap, Melbourne ) (link removed by moderator)
      They also manage our Wi-Fi network and software, so it’s really convenient to have someone to be at hand when you need them.

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      I expect followings things from cloud service provider.

      by belljohn330 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      1. Higher Uptime.

      2. Speedy and good back-supports.

      3. Backup of my data.

      4. Good infrastructure as a service(IaaS).

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      Minimum Downtime and Maximum Security

      by henrycartersmith ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      When choosing an IT cloud provider it is best to consider the following factors:

      1. Multiple data center locations
      2. Multi-layered security setup that also includes intrusion detection, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and enterprise-grade firewalls.
      3. Integrated business continuity and disaster recovery plan that includes backups on geo locations. hence reducing the risk factor in case of a disaster.
      4. Uptime is crucial for any business in IT for survival hence it is critical for cloud providers to maintain an uptime of 99.99%.
      5. look for 24/7 support because IT issues are inevitable and to reduce downtime and costs it is essential the cloud provider you choose provides aggressive technical support when needed.
      5. Price is also an important factor when choosing a cloud provider, especially for small enterprises.
      6. Easier scalability is also something to consider as it is an essential component for business growth.
      Adding the component of cloud connect such as StoneFly Smart Cloud gateway will enhance the accessibility of your cloud by providing you the ability to integrate multiple clouds together.

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      IT cloud provider

      by dbruce2 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      While opting for the IT cloud service you need to ensure that certain standards are being met. Some of the standards that a user should look for are mentioned below:

      1. Ensuring statutory regulations are properly met

      2. Audit and business process

      3. Administering roles identities and people

      4. Securing data and information

      5. Privacy standards

      6. Evaluating cloud application security

      7. Securing cloud networks

      8. Evaluation of security infrastructure

      9. Terms and conditions in cloud agreement

      10.The EXIT process

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      Some Of Them

      by anjanivigha ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      A bit tough response since there is a list of things we look while searching a provider such as prizes (the top most important), credibility, and backup support.

      But, I personally apart from all look for data security as the one important factor.

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      What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      by qiqbal ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      There are some points to look out for in a Cloud IT provider which actually highlights their value.

      1. Up-time
      2. Cloud Infra-structure
      3. Security
      4. Back-up and BCDR Strategies

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      what do you want to learn in cloud?

      by abhinavhyd ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      Learn about cloud computing so that you will be able to build, test and deploy the applications and software. Learn about scalability, infrastructure development & integration, billing methods, private & public cloud, secure document sharing, storage, backup and recovery, and various cloud-based applications

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      What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      by deborasumopayroll ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      1. Security
      You want to understand precisely what your security goals are, the security measures that are offered by each provider, and the mechanisms they use to preserve your applications and data. In addition, make sure you completely understand the specific areas that each party is responsible for.
      2. Compliance
      Next make sure you choose a cloud architecture platform that can help you meet compliance standards that apply to your industry and organization. Whether you are beholden to GDPR, SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or any other frameworks, make sure you understand what it will take to achieve compliance once your applications and data are living in a public cloud infrastructure. Be sure you understand where your responsibilities lie, and which aspects of compliance the provider will help you check off.

      3. Architecture
      When choosing a cloud provider, think about how the architecture will be incorporated into your workflows now and in the future. For example, if your organization has already invested heavily in the Microsoft universe, it might make sense to proceed with Azure, since Microsoft gives its customers licenses (and often some free credits). If your organization relies more on Amazon or Google services, then it may be best to look to those vendors for ease of integration and consolidation.
      4. Manageability
      You will also want to spend some time determining what various cloud platforms will demand from you to manage. Each of the services supports different orchestration tools and integrates with various other services. If you have services that are particularly vital to your organization, make sure that the cloud provider you choose offers an easy way to integrate with them (or that your organization is comfortable porting over to a similar service that is supported). You’ll also want to determine how much time and effort it will take your team to manage various aspects of the cloud infrastructure before you make a final decision.

      5. Service Levels
      This consideration is essential when businesses have strict needs in terms of availability, response time, capacity, and support (which, let’s be honest, almost all do these days). Cloud Service Level Agreements (Cloud SLAs) are an important element to consider when choosing a provider.

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      What I look for selecting cloud provider

      by pistle123 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      There are multiple standards and certifications available that one should looks for when selecting a Good cloud service provider. More generally, look out for structured processes, effective data management, good knowledge management and service status visibility. Also understand how the provider plans to resource and support continuous adherence to these standards.

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      What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      by pistle123 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      One should ask these question before you choose cloud provider-
      1. Define the cloud services your company is offering?
      Being cognizant of your cloud computing needs will give you an idea of the type of service you are seeking. There are various cloud solutions that are software-based. For instance, Dropbox is for photo, video, and document storage. Salesforce provides online customer relationship management (CRM) services. Online accounting is Intuit’s specialty.
      2. How safe is the cloud service?
      Online safety and security are of paramount importance when it comes to storing an enterprise’s fundamental data in a cloud. Providers of cloud computing solutions should possess at least several standard security measures set in place. In addition, they need to be updated constantly to thwart the heaps of malicious attacks that occur every day. For your good night sleep, you must ensure a cloud provider’s security is immaculate.
      3. How secure is the data centre and where it is located?
      The security and location of the servers and data centres where your company’s data will be kept are of the same importance as online safety. You will want to safeguard that you are not dealing with a cloud provider whose servers are kept in a basement where anyone can break in and get his hands on sensitive data.
      4. What is the pricing structure?
      When aiming to choose the best cloud provider, pricing can definitely be the deciding factor. It boils down to the fact that you should only be paying for what you are using. Beware of gigantic upfront charges, which are not typical of trustworthy cloud providers or lock-in clauses.
      5. What is the downtime history?
      Downtime is a period of time when a service is effectively not accessible to users. The best answer to this critical question is NEVER however that isn’t realistic. Nonetheless, even the largest and most respected cloud vendors experience downtime from time to time.
      6. How will I access my service?
      An individual should be able to access his/her business data in the cloud from any exotic location at any point in time just by logging into his/her vendor’s customer login page. He/she should also be able to sign in using any device, including one’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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      IT cloud

      by susiparker ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      I think it’s important that you choose an IT cloud provider that better navigates with your organizational needs and requirements.
      It should be fast and reliable. Make sure it’s safe to use because data safety is also an important factor when using an IT cloud provider.

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      it cloud provider

      by peoplesofterp2020 ·

      In reply to What do you look for in a IT cloud provider?

      How secure is your cloud computing? … Ask potential providers what network and server-level security measures they have in place to protect your data. Security measures to look for include encryption, firewalls, antivirus detection and multifactor user authentication

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