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What Do You Purchase?

By rkuhn ·
Ok, it came up several times in my Linux discuusions, what type of equipment do you purchase and why?

Do you buy generic, brand name, cutting edge, older, and why? For what purposes do you buy what?

Do you trust beige boxes for servers, desktops, etc? Well known brands for network equipment or just stick with the well known?

Do you have issues with them? Drivers, compatibility, performance, durability?

Internal componenets...CD-Roms, burners, DVDs, hard drives. Do you have a generic you would recommend?

And why not open this wide open. Software...have any little known gems we should all know about?

Tell us your strategies to fill your needs and stay within the budgets...

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by Jaqui In reply to What Do You Purchase?

I buy the generic boxes, cause I don't see any benefit for buying name brand, spending far more money, for the same hardware.

I'll take a box I'm retiring from desktop or server use and turn it into a router and firewall, before I buy a specialised appliance, since I have exactly the same software as is used on specialised appliances.

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What I do

by maxwell edison In reply to What Do You Purchase?

Hardware: I build my own. I have a PC specification that gets updated about once a year. I prefer the higher quality components (a matter of opinion, I suppose), like ASUS boards, ATI graphics, Antec cases, and so on. I stay away from the brand-names (Dell, etc.), primarily because of the proprietary parts and/or lower-quality components. I stay away from the generic models because of the lower-quality components and short-cuts built in (like graphics integrated into the mother board).

I never am "bleeding edge", but rather leading edge. I'll wait for the testing bugs to be worked out and the price to come down a bit. I never buy the latest and greatest processor, for example. There's more bang for the buck dropping it down a performance notch or two for a much lower cost.

Software: I upgrade ONLY when there's a compelling reason to do so. This is usually because of client demands and/or hardware requirements/limitations. I still have W2k on my desktops and W2K Servers. But our primary application software is usually the most current version.

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by Siliconwombat In reply to What Do You Purchase?

Some things I go for the cheaper generic type ,like hard and optical drives, other items i go for my own prefered brand like processor, always AMD, and motherboard, almost always Gigabyte.

However if i can get something OEM thats what i go for.I use own brand normally for cases. Graphics and sound are whatever makes spec for the lowest price.

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What We Use

by rkuhn In reply to What Do You Purchase?

We use almost exclusively brand names for PCs and servers. All HP...even HP printers but they are the ones that are the only ones practically guaranteed to work with our ERP software.

We typically go brand name for the warranty. Much easier to work with. Call our consulant who's company is an authorized dealer and now it's their problem. No shipping, boxing, etc which is all time better spent doing something else.

Otherwise, I agree with the opinions here. Brand name doesn't necessarily mean better.

For spare parts, whatever is available. Generic or not especially for optical drives, sound cards and RAM. Our business, with the exception of our CAD designers, just don't need high end, brand name, high performance.

Most everyone spends 99% of their time in Word, Excel and Outlook.

Networking is exclusively Cisco and our anti spam, Barracuda, has worked out nicely so far.

We're blessed with nice budgets, however, hopefully rightfully so. If our network is well managed and run, that's all the more time to spend on more productive things and our time is usually more valuable than the cost of certain equipment.

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For me

by Choppit In reply to What Do You Purchase?

At work, for mission critical servers and desktops I always buy branded (usually HP/Acer respectively).

For non mission critical servers I either use obsolete desktop kit or build my own.

CD/DVD burners I always buy branded as I've been let down by generic kit too many times.

Drivers have not been a problem (yet!)

At home I tend to build my own using branded components. Experience has taught me that cheap components are false economy.

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My Choice of Weapons... errr... Machines...

by dark_15 In reply to What Do You Purchase?

For our desktops, we use Shuttle barebones for the past 2 years. So far they have been reliable, quiet, and take up a lot less space than our old dells. Plus, I can choose which components go in them. P4 630's (IMO) seem to be the sweet spot in price/performance. I only use corsair RAM in builds as well.

For mission critical servers, I go with IBM components for everything related data storage and backups. I do build my own servers with barebones from SuperMicro and have never had a hitch. For switches, our main network is run by an Alpine Modular Switch from Extreme Networks. Our data storage, tape autoloader, and servers communicate with each other on a QLogic FC switch.

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by Too Old For IT In reply to What Do You Purchase?

Laptops: Preloaded with the OS. (Latest Windows) The rest of the image I put together.

Servers: Pretty vanilla configurations, as I tend to make them single-use appliances.

I've custom built desktops, but next time I'm going to let someone else (HP, Dell, whoever) take the heat.

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if you are buying depends

by Jaqui In reply to Depends

you may want to go see the doctor. ]:)

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by rkuhn In reply to if you are buying depends

I've been so busy, depends are looking like a good option to save time...

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by Too Old For IT In reply to Lately

Depends would be good to have to catch some of the software I've been QC-ing.

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