What do you recommend?

By AkAdeMicKs ·
Can anyone tell me what degree(s) are recommended to become a computer technician and an IT?

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by JPElectron In reply to What do you recommend?

It depends what you are after...
If you want to end up in management or "the top of the food chain" but have no clue what your talking about, yet you enjoy managing people and playing golf - then get any degree, that's what corporate America looks for, and they protect their own.
If you want to be highly knowledgeable in a technical field and actually know what your doing, enjoy it for the challenge, and are able to think in-depth and critically beyond a text-book or course-ware example, then just get your hands on some hardware or software dev tools and start playing (hacking) with it - the learning experience in this route is invaluable and better than anything someone else is going to try and teach you.
If my words aren't subtle enough; you either want to have a piece of paper saying you know something and your willing/have the stamina to put up with years of BS just to get a piece of paper, or you want to have real world proof and examples that show you know what your doing.
Perhaps the best thing about IT is that regardless of the route the people before you/hiring you took, most of them still appreciate and recognize that some people know how to get things done, even without the right "paperwork"

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Entry Level

by pdr5407 In reply to What do you recommend?

For getting started in IT, I would recommend a computer certification like A+ or another CompTIA cert. Like JPElectron said, hacking, and self study by learning and working with the tech equipment is very important.

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