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What do you see in the future of Virtual Reality Tech?

By VRSense ·
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I see a billion dollar industry. Take gaming for example. If someone put the Oculus Rift on, turned on their kinect sensor, stepped on their Virtuix Omni, put their fingers over a LEAP Motion sensor, and immersed themselves into a virtual reality (which is obviously not as simple as that) , they may love it, hate it, or fear it. Who knows? Imagine VR systems in education. Children and teens could take courses in history with them. Maybe they could become Harriet Tubman (in game), and help slaves through the underground railroad. This could also count as physical education (as sad as it sounds) , but they could be running on a treadmill while wearing the Sony HMZ-T2 and running a virtual marathon. These are just a few ideas that came to me. What do you see in the future of VR technology?

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