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What do you technicians do with those hopeless repair situations?

By timnmb2 ·
You know, the ones where your told that the computer gets very flaky so you fix the bad memory at $100 but then the computer is still flaky? Of course you spend a little time cleaning the OS out but you cant spend too much time in there or you will lose money, but, you don?t want to give the computer back acting flaky because you will then look like a liar, cheat or just plain total worthless idiot. Nobody wants to hear ?well you paid $100 but your computer still acts up?, even if its not your fault. With throw away computers around the bend, you really have to deliver, or have some good excuse. If not, it just looks to the customer as wasted money, even if you DID fix one of the problems, and it can give you a bad rep with that customer.

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Test Bed Base

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What do you technicians d ...

I keep a range of test bed PCs, one of each level of technology to check out these sort of problems BEFORE spending money on bits.

Thus I can check if a 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium II or III (slot or socket), Pentium 4, and AMD socket A CPU is working or not. And between the motherboards they cover every type of RAM except the fancy Intel one. These are mostly my old machines that I kept as test bed machines when I upgraded my machine.

This means that I can clearly identify any specific hardware cause by swapping them between machines. After that it coems down to software.

You would be surprised how often a poor software installation can look like faulty hardware.

I also have a guarrantee that I can repair ANY basic non-laptop PC for a max of A$2,500. Mainly because at this price I can replace the whole damn thing if need be.

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Fine if you have the space and money ...

by jardinier In reply to Test Bed Base

to set up your test bed. But not everyone would unless they were working on a high volume turnover.

Most trades charge a call-out fee which may or may not be absorbed as part of the cost of labor. My local computer repair shop maintains a standard practice of NO CHARGE AT ALL for diagnosis and quote, and NO CHARGE AT ALL if attempt to fix it is unsuccessful.

With this attitude, over a period of time this small business has built up such a good reputation that any customer is happy to TRUST to be charged only what may turn out to be necessary, even if multiple problems are present.

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Not much money - similar quoting

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Fine if you have the spac ...

Keeping the old machines as test beds has not cost me much as I just kept the old unit when upgrading, a few have come from people who upgraded and 'paid me' for my time in setting it up by giving me their old computer.

I don't charge for quotes, and will usually give a fixed price quote on the labour. The only exceptions to the above is if the client is located more than 30 kilometres from my base of operations, then I charge enough to cover transport costs, and explain this before hand. I also charge no extra to travel to clients within the 30 kms.

BTW the latest top of the range test bed is the machine I use for myself.

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