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By Yowye ·
One user made this statement concerning ?Spy ware?:

I think the problem should be tackled by Microsoft, and handled via the operating system. It is the operating system that they are targeting.

I made the statement:

Not really... think about it, Your computer doesn't buy stuff for itself, and it also doesn't decide to write its own programs or better ones, or rewrite and perfect on old ones.
Spyware steals "your" ideas, not your computers, it wants to know where "you" venture to on the web... no operating system that I know of decides to take a surfing trip of its own desired accord when it feels like it.
And Spam... is just solicitated advertisements designed for the "would-be" buyer. They have nothing to do with your Operating System.

I made this same comment in another posting.

I was then faced with this statement from another IT:

Yes, it IS the operating system that they are targeting. If the OS didn't permit this activity, they couldn't do it.

Spyware isn't installed with the user's knowledge, so it is not the user that is at fault, except, perhaps, by being sloppy. However, I don't consider myself sloppy, and occasionally something gets by me too.

I am now running MS AntiSpyware, and am so far quite pleased. It runs 24 X 7 and alerts to any attempt to install spyware. It also scans at night and gives a report each morning. I've had it running just one month, and since then Adaware and Spybot no longer find anything, except one case where 'sidefind' was found, but it wasn't actually installed, it was a leftover registry entry.

I haven't gone to 'warez' to give it a real test though...

Which had been fallowed by this statement from another IT:

No, it's not the OS alone that is targeted.

In fact, most threats are targeted at the Browser.

That IE is so closely integrated with the Win family of OSes, particularly those subsequent to Win98, exacerbates the problem.

Which I now respond with this:

That?s Not True!!!

"Spyware isn't installed with the user's knowledge" - yes your right in that respect... It's not! It doesn't Have to be.

As I said before... what use dose a Computer have on its own (alone), None! Any Knowledge that is on a computer is input by the user, wheather they know it or not... Meaning: If you type or create or input Knowledge mechanically in on your own, or if you use surfing tools such as browsers to surf the web... you initially tell the computer what you like to look at or are interested in.

A computer does not create its own information or ideas, and it does not go surfing on the web by it's own accord, and thus build up a knowledge bank of "red tags" identifying where it has been last.

That is done by the user and the user alone.
And that is what they "spyware creators" are after.

If it's the Os they are aiming at... the question would be... what for?
If they want to know its schematics... they can hack on their own.

But we're not talking about "hack ware" are we? Its "spy ware", and as I said... if they want to "spy" on the OS... to what? watch it idol all day?
And they really don't need yours... cause they can spy on their own OS.

And if that's the case... Then they aren't so nosy, as much as they are stupid!

OS systems and Browsers "do not" initiate private personal activities on their own accord... Thus, in no way can one say that "Spy ware" is aimed at the OS, Brouser, Data Banks, PCU, etc, etc, etc.

And if IT consultans think that... Then I suggest you go back to school!

Even in Psychology you learn of the most advanced Bio-genic Computer... Its called the "Brain."

And the brain does not react to anything... unless it has been directly influenced by the senses, by way of the receptors, in conjunction with the Neurons.

The Receptors for a human... are the senses, "Internal" and external. (you need to think about / ponder on that one)

The receptors for a computer... are all the input devices, Keyboards, Mouses, Cards, etc.
And "Cards" as you know are on the inside.

Only differance is our Computers... "Brain" is more advanced, and have evolved to a more complex sensory response network.

But we do not respond to Nothing.
Every response needs an initiator, Just as every cause has na effect.

I'm beginning to think this is kindergarten class.

Apparently, it seems many people Don't "Know" how computers work.

Am I right?

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Of course you're right but it won't do you any good.

by DC Guy In reply to What do you think?

I think your points are a bit facetious. This is an example of what I constantly harp on, that IT people imagine that all the rest of the population is IT people. They're not. They don't give a fig for your fine points of clever reasoning--if they even understand them. To them, hardware, software, OS, browsers, data files, and the user interface are all one big artifact they call "a computer" and they have a certain level of expectations of it. One of those expectations is that strangers will not be able to GET INTO THEIR STUFF! If we can't give them technology that satisfies that utterly reasonable requirement, they will continue to resent us for our astronomical salary-to-quality-of-product ratio. And the first clever kid in Slovakia or Uzbekistan or Paraguay who develops a new technology that gives them what they want will put us out of business faster than Henry Ford and the buggy whip makers.

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