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What do you think ?

By waidz176 ·
I was appointed as the IT Manager for my current company. Now suddenly my "superior" has decided to alter my job spec so that I accompany one the staff members (same level as me) on corporate visits and assist him with report writing etc. (Glorified Assistant). I used to do this about 4 years ago and have obviously progressed in my career. As a result of this new responsibility - this would take me out of the office 90% of the day. I feel that this is a demotion or worse - a lateral move into an area I have no interest in. Even though I will still have the title of IT Manager - I wont have time to do the tasks required of IT Management. He is also proposing that the current IT staff be signed over to one of our partners which means there would be no IT staff to manage - with me probably forcing all IT functions into the 10% of the day that I am here.
The answer is probably obvious but I would like the opinions of those that were in similar positions before ??

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That's life

by stress junkie In reply to What do you think ?

Been there; done that. You can bring these issues to
the person that you refer to as your 'superior'. If you
do then make sure you are not perceived as being
confrontational. Some people get bent out of shape
even if you are clearly just asking for a clarification of
the situation. You could bring up your concerns about
not being able to perform the management of the IT
functions for which you are responsible. There is some
chance that you are being set up to fail to create an
excuse to get rid of you.

If possible just find another job.

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Welcome to the World of Management

by rwhite In reply to What do you think ?

Realistically your job as a IT Manager is to make, create, and analyze trends, reports, activities, etc., to create policies and baselines for the company. Also you are the link between Technology and the Business Managers who are in charge of the departments that use the technology to be productive. Your "task" is to troubleshoot company policies, IT projects, and disputes between your IT staff and Business\Departmental Managers. Your job is not to troubleshoot PCs, Servers, etc. So maybe you are just going through the transitional period between Tech and Manager that we all go through. You should sit with your boss to really lay down some definite responsibilities, expectations and guidelines of a IT Manager. That way you can sleep at night.

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Check out a similar thread

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to What do you think ?
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Remember what "Manager" means to non techies

by rwhite In reply to What do you think ?

remember manager is just that managing, reportings, meeting with execs and other managers, etc. This has alwas been the meaning. What has changed is that execs (like our boss) is now applying this meaning to the IT dept. Before IT manager was just a Senior Engineer. Times have changed and ou need to change with it. So the answer is up to you: "do ou want to be a manager or stay an engineer?"

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