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What do you think about cities and towns becoming broadband providers?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
Is this a positive development in the spread of broadband or should these governments leave broadband in the hands of private companies?

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LIving in Canada we would expect it

by Oz_Media In reply to What do you think about c ...

If it makes money the government will take it. I am sure many Canadians feel this way.

Oh well, it sure is purdy outside! :)

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LIving in Canada we would expect it - For Sure

by Sullyman In reply to LIving in Canada we would ...

All three levels of government in Canada have bought into a wired philosophy, and have campaigned on a wired high speed Canada ( I think the target rate is around 80% by 2015 ). So I do expect government to stiff arm or subsidize high speed internet access into rural communities, and that would include becoming carriers and ISP's themselves. Crown Corporations here in Canada have become very successful nationally and internationally over the last 30 years, so a ISP CC might not be such a bad idea.

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Crown corporations

by Oz_Media In reply to LIving in Canada we would ...

BC is strnge in that respect. Crown corporatuions are disapearing in BC and becoming MASSIVE privately ownd companies, these companis soon realize just how expensive providing public services really is and they soon start looking back to the government for subsidies. Oh well, they try.

IN Vancouver a few years back, there was a few wireslss hotspot test sits setup that were prety cool as I lived in the downtown area.

I don't really care either way, it's just the goverment after all and we simply live here at a cost. I still think it's worth the extra taxation money though considering what I get out of it. :)

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No way, eh!

by bigboss In reply to LIving in Canada we would ...

Governments are there to govern. If we ever confuse them with a service provider role, on top of the rule making,rule policing role, we are asking for trouble. Beside, most companies won't like it if governments get involved in areas business may make money.

There will be isolated instances of government involvement in bootstrapping the development, especially in rural and remote areas where population density do not support quick deployment (until we have broadband satellite internet feed that's affordable). Some are even stupid enough to get into the operational side of tbe business. But these government bodies will soon find out they are actually very bad at doing this.

Since there is no way the government can make broadband service into a monopoly (there are too many business playing in the sand box now), and they will not be able to compete, even if they are more efficient and effective than the private firms. It's just because they have to make the people happy. And for voters, "free" is happy. With that kind of pressure, they will loose money, and loose it big. The other problem is "universallity". When government do things, people expect everyone will have access, regardless of location. That's how you can send mail from Toronto to Whitehorse for the same price as you send on accross the street. They cannot provide service to people who are easy to provision, and ignore the difficult cases, or even to charge more for it. That's not true for private business. They can choose where and with who they want to do business. Private business can implement services where they make money, and no where else.

So, it is a bad idea to have governments to provide broadband service.

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Broadband or Roads - same difference?

by David Paul Morgan In reply to No way, eh!

In my opinion, it is a Governments role to provide the 'pipelines' or infrastructure. eg highways, railways and broadband circuits. It is the role of Corporations to provide or operate services on this 'level playing field'. That way rural and iner-city communities both have free (unrestricted) access to services, both Government and Private industry.

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good idea

by ITgirli In reply to What do you think about c ...

check this out.

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by bluelinecms In reply to good idea

In Philly, they are in the process of cutting their budget which is resulting in the possible closing a a few fire department stations.

I'd much rather the city spend these millions on public safety as opposed to a city-wide wireless network that will require additional staff to maintain and monitor network usage to ensure the network's integrity.

In short, it's a good idea if your local government can afford it without cutting costs from critical services elsewhere.

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Yep.. I live

by TomSal In reply to good idea

Well not actually, Philly is over the Walt Whitman bridge from me ... about 25 minutes.

Anyway the other poster to this mentioned they are cutting Fire Departments in order to afford this, this is news to me...I didn't hear they are killing any critical services for paying for it.

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lucky you

by ITgirli In reply to Yep.. I live

It almost makes me want to move back up there. almost.

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Wanna trade?

by TomSal In reply to lucky you

I want to get out of this wanna trade? LOL

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