What do you think about this weird laptop fan problem?

By bernie mooney ·
Sorry if this is a bit long. A weird thing happened today. I was watching a video online and all of a sudden my laptop shut off. I rebooted and off it went again. It had all the earmarks of an overheated cpu. I noticed the fan wasn't running.

So, I let it cool down and restarted. Everything was fine, but the fan wasn't running. I packed up and went to my office and opened the bottom plate to look at the fan. It always ran when booting, I booted up on battery power. The fan started running.

Now, this laptop, a low end Lenovo, seems to have a fan issue in that it runs an awful lot, and quite loudly for a laptop. I just chalked that up to it being a low end machine. But ever since that incident, not only is the fan running again, but it is much more quiet. AND, my cpu temp is 20 degrees cooler than it used to be.

This has me stumped. Should I just be happy that things got better or should I worry that the fan may crap out again for good? Or is there another issue that I missed?
btw: I'm running Win7 w/3GB RAM and 2.1GHZ



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Something wedged in the fan?

by seanferd In reply to What do you think about t ...

Maybe there was enough dust somewhere, or a loose bit of plastic, strong enough to bind up the fan. Debris or dust buildup could have been the reason the fan was louder before.

Or, maybe the fan is a bit off-center, or has bad bearings or something, and you knocked into alignment. Had a fan in the front of a tower case that was like that. Tap it whenever it started making noise, and it would be fine for a day or two.

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Reponse To Answer

by bernie mooney In reply to Something wedged in the f ...

Thanks. All of those things sounds logical.

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